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19 February 2011

GATE Life Sciences (XL) 2011 Paper with Key (Answers) | Download | Update

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Here is the GATE Life Sciences 2011 Paper with Answers.

Thanx to all contributors, in particular to Arun and Raju.

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General Aptitude and Chemistry Download

Corrections: Chemistry : Q. 4 (A) (Silanes are silicon hydrides) 

Biochemistry Download

Microbiology Download


Q 13. (B) 40 min

Explanation: The E.coli DNA takes place with the speed of aprox 1000 bp per min, and it contains 3000000 bp in its genomic DNA, from the given data it is clear that it will take 50 min, (40 is the close Answer) to replicate entire genomic DNA. Now question arise that cell take only 20 min to divide and how can DNA replication can take 50 min. Actually replication of daughter cells DNA starts in grand parent cell rather parent cell, (at any instant of time E.coli cell contains 4 or more than 4 replication forks)  - Gene VII, BENJAMIN LEWIN.


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