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13 August 2015

Workshop on Protein Modeling and Simulation

 helpBIOTECH CSIR Class Room Coaching 2017 June Batch

Independence Day offer

for our special workshop on

“Protein Modeling and Simulation”

RASA brings to you Independence Day discount for our workshop on “Protein Modeling and Simulation” on 20-23 August 2015. For registrations done on 14th August 2015, fee will be same as early bird registration.

Highlights of the workshop

· To know the approaches for structure analysis and prediction of proteins

· Visualize protein structures using various visualization tools

· Perform Homology Modeling of sample proteins using Modeler.

· Understand concepts of Protein Simulation.

· Introduction to Molecular Modeling and Dynamics software of GROMACS.

· Performing Molecular Dynamic Simulations on Proteins.

Topics covered

· Introduction to Biological databases

· Sequence alignment: BLAST, Clustal W

· Understanding the Protein structure and using various tools to visualize it (Discovery Studio, Swiss SPDV)

· Protein 3D Structure prediction using different tools and Servers

· Homology Modelling and Modeller

· Evaluation of protein models using Pro-Check and QMean

· Introduction to Linux environment and Simulation studies

· Learning GROMACS to perform Simulation on proteins

Who can attend?

People in the field of Biotechnology and those with other life science and Pharma background.

Registration Fee Details:

v For students- Rs. 5700

v Postdoc/Faculty/Scientist/PhD/JRF/SRF- Rs. 6042

v Industry/Foreigners- Rs. 6384

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For More details contact us on
Ph no: 020-65600408 / 8411927535/7875692349/7798668315



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