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19 January 2016

CSIR December 2015 Exam | Doubtful Answers [Life Sciences]

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We are listing out some of the CSIR December 2015 Exam Doubtful Questions and their answers?

If you have any doubtful questions, please use below comments section.

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Booklet A (Doubtful Questions/Answers).

10. Secondary colours are made by a mixture of three primary colours, Red, Green and Blue, in different proportions; each of the primary colours comes in 8 possible levels. Grey corresponds to equal proportions of Red, Green and Blue. How many shades of grey exist in this scheme?

1. 83
2. 8 [CSIR Answer]
3. 38
4. 8 × 3

Since Grey= Red + Green + Blue
and each colour has 8 possibilities, and choosing all three are independent events, so the number of possibilities are 8 x 8 x 8 = 83

22. A cell line deficient in salvage pathway for nucleotide biosynthesis was fed with medium containing 15N labelled amino acids. Purines were then extracted. Treatment with which one of the following amino acids is likely to produce 15N labelled purines?

1. Aspartic acid
2. Glycine
3. Glutamine [CSIR Answer]
4. Aspartamine

Even glcyine and Aspartic acid  can produce 15N labelled purines.

35. Which of the following is NOT a cell adhesion protein?

1. Cadherin
2. Selectin
3. Immunoglobulin (Ig) superfamily
4. Laminin [CSIR Answer]

Both Immunoglobulin and Laminin are cell adhesion proteins.

52. In a heterozygous individual for a given gene, if a crossing over has occurred between the gene locus and the centromere of the chromosome, the segregation of the two alleles of the given gene will occur during meiosis at

1. either anaphase I or anaphase II
2. anaphase I only
3. anaphase II only [CSIR Answer]
4. both anaphase I and II

57. In the following equations
(a) dN /dt = rN
(b) Nt = No ert
(c) dN /dt = rN (K-N/K)
(d) dN/dt = rN x N/K

exponential population growth is described by

1. a and b [CSIR Answer]
2. a only
3. c only
4. b and d

Nt = No ert is wrongly printed. It should be like this  Nt = No ert

64. Application of gene therapy in clinical trials did NOT succeed due to

1. poor integration of a gene in the host genome
2. lack of expression of integrated gene in cells
3. degradation of gene inside the cell
4. activation of oncogenes consequent to integration of the gene [CSIR Answer]

100. In C. elegans, an anchor cell and a few hypodermal cells take part in the formation of vulva. The experiments performed to understand the role of these cells in vulva formation and the results obtained are as follows:

If the anchor cell is killed by laser beam, hypodermal cells do not participate in vulva formation and no vulva develops.
If six hypodermal cells closely located with anchor cell (called vulva precursor cells) are killed, no vulva develops.
If the three central vulval precursors are destroyed, the three outer cells, which normally form hypodermis, take the fate of vulval cells instead.

Following are certain statements regarding vulva formation:

A. Anchor cell acts as an inducer
B. Six hypodermal cells with the potentiality to form vulva, form an equivalence group
C. Three, out of six hypodermal cells participate in vulva formation
D. The central cell functions as the 1° cell and the two cells on both side act as the 2° cells
E. The 1° cell secretes a short range juxtacrine signal

Which combinations of the above statements have been derived from the above experimental results?

1. A, B and C [CSIR Answer]
2. A, B and D
3. D and E
4. B, D and E


Even statement D is correct.

114. Two siblings who inherit 50% of the genome from the mother and 50% from the father snow lot of phenotypic differences. Which one of the following events during gametogenesis of the parents will maximally contribute to this difference?

1. Mutation
2. Recombination
3. Independent assortment [CSIR Answer]
4. Environment

137. A student noted the following points regarding Agrobacterium tumefaciens:

A. A. tumefaciens is a gram-negative soil bacterium
B. Opine catabolism genes are present in T-DNA region of Ti-plasmid.
C. Opines are synthesized by condensation of amino acids and alpha-ketoacids or amino acids and sugars.
D. A callus culture of crown gall tissue caused by A. tumefaciens in plants can be multiplied without adding phytohormones.

Which one of the combinations of above statements is correct?

1. A, B and C
2. A, B and D
3. B, C and D
4. A, C and D [CSIR Answer]

C statement confusion.

The vast majority are opines are formed by condensation of an amino acid, either with a keto acid or a sugar.

SET B Question Paper

Tables are interchanged for Question Number 129 and 131.

image    image

Difficult to tell what CSIR will do for above questions.


Varsha tamil kumar said...

Booklet A, question no 10, the CSIR answer is right, because grey corresponds to equal proportions of the three colours, hence only 8 shades of grey are possible.

Unknown said...

Booklet A, question no. 114, the CSIR answer is really wrong. if independent assortment give lot of phenotypic differences than what recombination do? Actually independent assortment describes how different genes independently separate from one another when reproductive cells develop. while Recombination is a process by which pieces of DNA are broken and recombined to produce new combinations of alleles. This recombination process creates genetic diversity at the level of genes that reflects differences in the DNA sequences of different organisms.As a result, offspring can have different combinations of genes than their parents.

Unknown said...

Booklet B, Question 2:
2. A vessel is partially filled with water. More water is added to it at a rate directly proportional to time [ . Which of the following graphs depicts correctly the variation of total volume V of water with time t?

Answer should be 3 instead of 2

rishabh kumar jain said...

Booklet B, Ques 6:
6. A person walks downhill at 10 km/h, uphill at 6 km/h and on the plane at 7.5 km/h. If the person takes 3 hours to go from a place A to another place B, and 1 hour on the way back, the distance between A and B is
1. 15 km.
2. 23.5 km.
3. 16 km.
4. Given data is insufficient to calculate the distance

Answer should be 4

Aadeshkumar Shendge said...

Correct.. Do send claim to csir

sukhdeep said...

For q no. 114 booklet A independent assortment is correct because it is the phenomenon which produces different combination of alleles of different types. Please think if recombination is taking place at the same place in homologous chromosomes and independent assortment is not happening then all gametes will be of same type and hence no variation.

sukhdeep said...

Question 114 Booklet A CSIR answer is absolutely correct because independent assortment is the only process which produces different combination of different alleles during the process of gametogenesis. Just take an example if every time during the process of gamete formation crossing over occuring at same place of homologous chromosomes and no independent assortment taking place then how only recombination gives rise to variation. You cannot be so surely saying that independent assortment is wrong, infact it is the only phenomenon that produces million of recombinations of alleles.Meaning of independent assortment does not mean separation of alleles I think You guys are mixing independent assortment and Segregation of genes.

mani said...

booklet code C q. no. 130: csir answer :2 which is 0.335,but this value is simpson's index not the simpson's diversity index. simpson's diversity index is 1-D=1-0.335=0.665, this value is not in obtions but obtion 1 is nearest to it.

aashish sharma said...

About agro bacterium-
Opines are synthesized by Ti plasmid which are derivatives of amino acid (arginine) while agropines are sugar derivatives which are synthesized by Ri plasmid

Left region is associated with oncogenic region in Ti plsmid which allow uncontrolled synthesis of phytohormoes.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Independent assortment or recombination which one is correct

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