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09 February 2016

IISc Infectious Diseases Postdoc Vacancies 2016

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Three Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions at the Centre for Infectious Disease Research, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

Start date: January–March 2016.

2–3 years, positions available.


(i) DBT (India) Funded Centre of Excellence Grant

(ii) European Union FP7 Funded: European Research Infrastructures for Poverty Related Diseases (EURIPRED) grant.

Location: Centre of Infectious Disease Research, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India.
Key collaborators: National Institute for Biological Standards and Control and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, Seattle, USA.

Three senior postdoctoral positions are available to be part of an exciting new group of eight staff established at the IISc to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of host/pathogen interactions in HIV and MTb co-infection.

HIV infection is considered to predispose the host to active TB generally by impairing the hosts’ immune system by killing a sub-population of white blood cells, called CD4 T lymphocytes. These cells are critical for a healthy immune system and specifically protect healthy individuals carrying the tubercle bacillus from progressing to active TB disease. Understanding what renders these immune cells vulnerable to HIV infection is poorly understood and is a critical roadblock that needs to be overcome in developing better vaccine or immune-based strategies to control and monitor TB in HIVinfected subjects. This proposal is designed to address this key issue. The last few years have seen the development of affordable systems biology technologies, including RNA/DNA-sequencing, that now enable the heterogeneity of the immune response to pathogens to be de-convoluted and precisely defined. This proposal sets out to use these technologies to probe in-depth key immune cell types of importance in immunity to HIV and TB infections.
Qualifications: We are looking for highly motivated candidates with a minimum of 2 years postdoctoral experience with a good academic track record of primary research publications in reputed journals in the broad areas of molecular virology and immunology. Candidates with one or more of the following expertise have an advantage: using functional genomics to understand HIV and Mtb evolution; immune phenotyping, multiparameter flow cytometry, deep sequencing; specifically, candidates with experience in molecular virology and HIV infection are invited to apply. Candidates should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work within a multi-disciplinary international team comprising leading scientists in India, UK and USA. The EURIPRED project will enable the candidate to be based at NIBSC, UK for a period of up to 12 months. Candidates with a strong research track record will be given the opportunity to develop specific and chosen sub-projects of interest and supported to apply for personal fellowships. These posts are ideally suited for candidates who wish to progress to independent Group Leaders in the scientific field. Where needed, appropriate training will be given.

Salary: is fixed based on the prestigious DBT Centre of Excellence award to Prof. Annapurna Vyakarnam. Salary offers will be fixed based on experience and qualifications in keeping with DBT rules.

Current maximum: Rs 50,000/month, consolidated; pay scales will be upgraded in accordance with DBT rules.

Applications: All interested applicants are advised to write to Prof. A. Vyakarnam at annapurnavyakarnam@gmail.com with a comprehensive CV and a one-page summary of their past research findings and future interest. All applications will be vetted and selections based on an interview and seminar.

Closing date: 15 February 2016.


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