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21 March 2016

helpBIOTECH Interview : Tushar Singh, GATE Biotech Topper | AIR 3

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Tushar Singh Soam, a final year Student from IIT Kharagpur, secured All India Rank 3 in GATE Biotech.

In an exclusive interview with helpBIOTECH, Tushar shares his journey and preparation plan. 

1. My background:-

--- I am from Kushawali a village near historic tehsil Sardhana in Meerut of Uttar Pradesh. Did my High Secondary Education from K. K. Public School, Sardhana. My father is a farmer and mother a house wife.

2. Success Mantra:-

--- Be attentive towards you course work during your semesters. There is no alternative to hard work.

3. Future plans:-

---Not fixed yet. I am still exploring.

4. How would you visualize and attribute your success?

---Neither I see it as success nor should anybody take that as one. It will be a success if I will built something upon it.

But yeah my parents are the one behind everything and obviously my batch mates especially Sayantika Naskar helped me beyond everything.

5. Material used for preparation:-

---I referred basically the materials used by our subject professors and they mainly teach from research papers and standard books e.g. Lehninger, Prescott, Janeway's etc.

6. The way I prepared:-

---I didn't study much from GATE point of view. I studied my regular coursework attentively.

7. About helpBIOTECH website?

---I came across it very recently. I think it's a really good attempt and an awesome database of almost everything for students related to Life Sciences. Keep it up guys.

8. Advice to future aspirants:-

---Do not prepare just from the perspective of an exam only. You are going to be a researcher so clear your basics. Be thorough with whatever you read.



Anonymous said...

is any coaching needed for the success?

helpBIOTECH Team said...

You need Guidance.

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