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02 December 2016

Molecular Docking service are now easy with RASA

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50% Discount on Docking services for Academician and Researcher
Molecular Docking Service: A powerful approach for Structure based Drug discovery
We would like to introduce our company, RASA Life Science Informatics, a Bio & Chemo Informatics Company head quartered in Pune, India. RASA provides premium services in technology solutions, product development and training in the area of Life sciences.  We deliver a seamless model of our wide expertise and comprehensive platforms for customers in timely manner. At RASA experts are available for completing the tasks in the areas of Bio-Chemo informatics, Database and Software developments as per the customer requirements.
Type of Docking Service we offer:
  • Protein –Ligand Docking
  • Protein-Protein Docking
  • Protein-Nucleic acid Docking
Steps involved in molecular docking:
Step I – Building the Receptor                                     
Step II – Identification of the Active Site
Step III – Ligand Preparation                                      
Step IV- Docking
  • We offer you best scientific assessment to your service report
  • We offer service at very competitive cost
  • We offer additional benefits with the services.
  • On time delivery of your service request
Contact Us
RASA Life Science Informatics,
402,3rd floor.46/10 shakuntal,
Law college Road, Erandwane 411004
Phone No. 020-65600408/7768061282


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