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23 October 2016

10 day course in Cancer Drug Targets | Approach of Molecular Medicine

 helpBIOTECH Academy, Hyderabad MSc Biotech/Life Sciences Class Room Coaching 2019

BioDiscovery Group Life Sciences is conducting online workshops and training courses named eWorkshop since 2010. Till date we have successfully trained hundreds of participants who were not only students but scientists, faculties, professor, company executives, etc from India as well as abroad. This 10 days eWorkshop entitled CANCER DRUG TARGETS | APPROACH OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE TO COMBAT CANCER will highlight the aspects of Drug Targets in Cancer and provide hands on practical experience on drug discovery technology using these targets.
You will learn in a better way as you will perform the tasks on your own computer systems. The program is designed to learn this latest technology in a better way from your home in a nominal fee. Every day the training sessions will be conducted from 10-11:30 PM India time so you can easily finish your College/University/Work and participate. Overall duration of course is 900 minutes/15 hours.
· Introduction to Molecular Medicine
· Introduction to Cancer and Cancer Research
· Anti Cancer agents
· CtDNA- Circulating Tumor DNA
· Types of Molecular Tumor Testing
· Targeted Therapies for Cancer
· Pathways of cancer pathophysiology and treatment
· Identification of Cancer Targets
· In-silico generation of ligands
· Target optimization & Energy minimization
· Molecular Docking
· Selecting inhibtors on basis of delta G
· H-Bond analysis of target-ligand complex
· Druglikeness & ADMET
· Personalized Cancer Medicine
· ChemSketch- In-silico generation of ligands
· Open Babel- Conversion of .mol file to .pdb format.
· SPDBV- Target optimization & Energy Minimization
· MGL Tools- Creation of grid and dock files for Molecular Docking
· Cygwin- Running docking algorithm
· UCSF Chimera- Structure Analysis. Protein-Ligand complex analysis.
· Online software for prediction of Molecular Properties.
· Online software for prediction of Bioactivity.
· Online software for Drug Likeness.
· Online software for Bioavailability & ADME.
· Online software for Toxicity.
The course is best suited for Bachelor, Masters, PhD, students as well as Faculty and Professors from Microbiology, BioChemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biomedical Technology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, Plant Science and Life Sciences. Professionals: From companies and research institutes.unnamed (1)


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