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15 June 2017

Molecular docking , Protein modeling, Simulation services at RASA LSI

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 RASA’S Drug Discovery Services: a powerful approach for Structure based Drug discovery Solution

We would like to introduce our company, RASA Life Science Informatics, a Bio & Chemo Informatics Company head quartered in Pune, India. RASA provides premium services in technology solutions, product development and training in the area of Life sciences.  We deliver a seamless model of our wide expertise and comprehensive platforms for customers in timely manner. At RASA experts are available for completing the tasks in the areas of Bio-Chemo informatics, Database and Software developments as per the customer requirements.

Type of Service:

·         Active site prediction
·         Docking
·         Protein Modeling
·         Dynamics & Simulation
·         Pharmacopore mapping

Software’s & tools at RASA:

We at RASA use a combination of proprietary and open source tools for delivering our services.

  • For docking we use our propriety algorithm coupled with Autodock and Autovina customized to the requirements of our clients
  • For simulations we use GROMACS. This tool is a molecular dynamics package mainly designed for simulations of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids
  • For modeling we use a mixture of modeling software’s to facilitate execution of complex modeling tasks
Achievements by RASA Team:
  • RASA scientists are involved in more than 10 collaborations for drug discovery and modeling projects from across the world.
  • The team has a combined experience of more than 45 years in the diverse areas of drug discovery, computational chemistry, Chemoinformatics, inhibitor designing, ligand synthesis and life science software development.
  • Team has more than 40 publications in international journals.
Our sample of work Published in Various Journals: Please go through the following link to check our work on Protein simulations and modeling  &For docking Bioinformatics, Data curation

Our client Base : We are delighted to offer services to colleges and organization with regards to their research in Drug discovery and bioinformatics .So far we have provided these services to Vasavi Medical & Research Center Hyderabad, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, NIT, Calicut, Poona college of pharmacy, Dr DY patil medical college,North Maharastra University, Gsc, Chitradurga, Anna University, chennai, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi e.t.c

Contact us on

Ph no: 02065600408, +91-7768061282


RASA Life Science Informatics,
4th floor.46/10 shakuntal,
Law college Road, Erandwane 411004


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