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27 April 2017

Industry driven Summer Internship at Eminent Biosciences(EMBS), Indore.

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About US

Eminent Biosciences established in 2008 and currently operating from Indore. Eminent Biosciences (EMBS) is a Bio-Pharmaco-informatics outsourcing research organization run and supervised by subject experts from various fields of Biological sciences, IT and Pharma sectors.  EMBS stands as one of the most promising In silico laboratories in the country that provide solutions to core Bioinformatics, Computational Biology by innovative logics, advanced algorithms to develop top notch Software/Database development for research in Life science and Pharma industry. We provide solutions to Next Generation Sequencing analysis, Metagenomics, Microarray Data Analysis, Clinical Research Data Analysis, Epidemiological Data Analysis, Real time PCR data analysis, QSAR and employ statistical Computing through R-Programming.

Industry driven training/Summer Internship

Apart from our R&D we provide industry driven training and internships for research students in academia for preparing their research oriented dissertation for the partial fulfillment of B.Sc/M.Sc./B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Phil/PhD along with a International Research Paper Publication. We strive hard to provide research solutions in a timely manner with uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency. The training program would introduce students to computational aspects of life science research and its relevance to industry. Latest technologies, and hands on exercise of popular Biological/Chemical databases, software applications and algorithms would be discussed.

Before initiating the research project, we provide training to candidates with various Bioinformatics tools/softwares and databases. Training program includes, practical hands on Genomics, Transcriptomics, Next Generation Sequencing(NGS), Microarray Analysis, Proteomics, Protein 3D Modeling, 2DQSAR, 3DQSAR, Pharmacophore mapping, Drug Designing, Molecular Docking etc and many licensed softwares are used in the training. As soon the training ends, students can commence with their desired projects. The project will be real time research oriented project that has not been submitted to any college/university/ institute so far. For a project of 6 months, students are encouraged to write scientific article destined for International publication. To date, 75 international research papers are to our credit, in a span of 5 years and all which are actually projects shaped into publications. 

Here is our list of publications.

In addition to the dissertation thesis, the core bioinformatics training will assist students to sharpen their technical skills and will enable them to be absorbed in rapidly growing life science, Biotech, Pharma/Bioinformatics industries. Many of our trainees has placed in various industries / academics in India and world wide. Here is the testimonials from few of our trainees.  

For applying  training /Internship program please submit your details via online application form here

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Feel free to contact us for any queries.

Dr. Anuraj Nayarisseri,
Director and Principal Scientist,
Eminent Biosciences,
LeGene Biosciences,
91, Sector A, Mahalakshmi Nagar,
Near Bombay Hospital,

(24X7 tech support : 872 0000 784)


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