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28 June 2017

Update yourself in Molecular and Analytical Skill Sets


Update yourself in Molecular and analytical skill sets.

RASA LSI in collaboration with Central Dogma is arranging hands on training this summer. Develop your Molecular techniques with fully furnished lab at Central Dogma and In-Silico techniques of Bio-informatics at RASA LSI.
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Topics Covered:

Fundamental Techniques in Genomics and Proteomics

Week 1 and 2:  Bioinformatics(Mon-Fri)

1.      Introduction to bioinformatics and Databases
·         Definition of Bioinformatics, databases
·         Introduction to NCBI, EMBL and DDBJ, Protein databases (primary, composite and secondary)
·         Generation of large scale molecular biology data
·         Applications of Bioinformatics – Sequencing, NMR Spectroscopy, X – ray, Gel electrophoresis)
2.      Sequence alignment
·         Introduction to dynamic programming and sequence alignment
·         Pairwise sequence alignment (BLAST and FASTA)
·         Multiple sequence alignment (ClustalW)
·         Concept of homology, similarity, identity, orthologues and   paralogues
3.      Primer designing – Primer BLAST
Designing primers using Primer BLAST for PCR
4.      Restriction enzyme mapping
Mapping of restriction enzyme and enzyme cutting using Restriction Mapper tool
5.      Sequence Extractor
Generating primer map and enzyme map using Sequence extractor
6.      Insilico vector design
Designing vector using insilico techniques
7.      Protein Databases, structure cleaning and downloading , and Protein visualization
Introduction to protein databases, cleaning and downloading of protein structure
Protein visualization using Discovery Studio and SPDBV

Week 3 and 4: Molecular Biology(Mon-Sat)

1.      Plasmid DNA (vector) isolation from bacterial culture, Agarose gel electrophoresis (Casting the gel, Loading)
2.      Plasmid mapping using multiple restriction enzymes, Agarose gel electrophoresis
3.      Theory on PCR and Primer design for PCR, Gene amplification byPolymerase chain reaction, Agarose gel electrophoresis to check gene amplification
4.      Competent cell preparation (Bacterial host), Transformation of competent cells with expression vector carrying specific gene, Plating the transformants on the LB agar +Amp plates and overnight incubation
5.      Colony PCR analysis of transformants
6.      Growth curve of bacterial host and bacterial host carrying plasmid (Spectrophotometric analysis)
7.      Casting a polyacryalamide gel and
8.      Protein sample preparation and gel loading, Electrophoresis and
Staining the gel with Coomasie Blue for visualization of proteins.

Key Features:

·         2 training certificates- Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
·         Industry Exposure
·         Hands on training
·         HR Session
·         Guest Lecture- Interaction with Scientist on their ongoing projects or latest research

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Batches and Deadline for Registrations:

·         Batch 1: 7th July 2017
·        Batch 2: 25th July 2017

Registration Deadline: 5th July 2017 (for all batches)


·         Group Discount 5-10 % on total fees. (for group of 3 or more)
·         Special Discount for Students
·         Onetime Payment Discount available


·         Fees are likely to change every two months.
·         Fees are non transferrable & non refundable in any case.
·         Discount only applicable for given batches and within Deadline.
·         Only 5 students per batch.

For More details contact us on

 Ph no: 02065600408, +91 8411927535, +91 8554874709, +91 7875793891,

Venue:RASA Life Science Informatics,
4th floor.46/10 shakuntal,

Law college Road,Erandwane 411004 


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