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24 July 2017

International Congress of Cell Biology 2018 | 27-31 January 2018

About Meeting

The IFCB (International Federation for Cell Biology) and APOCB (Asian Pacific Organization for Cell Biology) are the two primary international organizations for cell biology and their mission is to foster cell biology research and Cell Biology Societies in countries across the world. The 13th IFCB congress and the 8th APOCB Meeting will be held in Hyderabad, India jointly with the Indian Society of Cell Biology (ISCB) along with its 41st annual meeting. This meeting also commemorates the 30th anniversary of Asian-Pacific organization for Cell Biology.
This will be the first-ever joint meeting of these two International cell biology organizations, and will see cell biologists from across the world coming together to showcase and discuss their work.

Topics for Scientific Sessions

  • Cell membrane- organization & function
  • Receptors- Growth factor receptors/ GPCRs/ intracellular/ nuclear receptors
  • Signalling intermediates
  • Regulation of and by the Cytoskeleton
  • Nuclear dynamics
  • Molecular motors and other cellular machines
  • Intra-cellular traffic/ transport
  • Post-translational modifications & their regulation
  • Nuclear matrix, chromatin & the Genome
  • Control by RNA/ non-coding sequences and their functions
  • Cellular processes in Development
  • Studying cells in 3 and 4 dimensions
  • Cell fate determinants /Stem cell biology
  • Biology of single cell organisms


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