Application are Invited for Research Based Dissertation Project/Training (Molecular biology, Microbiology, Food Technology/Plant and Agribiotech and Bioinformatics) ~ helpBIOTECH

21 December 2017

Application are Invited for Research Based Dissertation Project/Training (Molecular biology, Microbiology, Food Technology/Plant and Agribiotech and Bioinformatics)

Mr Biologist is an initiative  to provide a platform to all researcher (Industry & Academia) to meet up with their requirement with easy access  in one click away.

We are aiming  to established a network between researcher across India and abroad to explore multiple opportunities in their respective domain areas.

Mrbiologist is being a start up always dedicated to provide you quality service within short period of time .In this digital age our platform is trying to be a unique in the domain of life science ,biotechnology and pharma.We believe that we will grow by your support and therefore we are all ready to address your requirement with utmost dedication .

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    Registration deadline: 27th December

    All training /project will be conducted at our facilities in Pune


·  Cloning and expression of recombinant protein
·  Recombinant protein purification and activity
·  Fusion protein expression (along with cloning)
·  Cloning and expression of antibiotic resistance gene
· Optimization of fermentation conditions for recombinant protein expression using shake flask method (optimization of media, seed culture age, inducer, induction time etc)
·  Expression and purification of industrially important enzyme
·  Expression of recombinant bacterial enzyme
·  Biochemical analysis and comparison of different food/juice/drink
·  Microbiological analysis of food samples and method development and validation for identification specific food contaminating microbes
·   In vitro to in silico analysis of synthetic chemicals
·   Antibacterial and anti fungal activity of herbal, plant, spices or synthetic formulation
·   In vitro to In silico analysis of medicinal plant extract
·   Biodiversity analysis of metagenomic samples
·   Biosensor development for different environmental samples

We also offer Bioinformatics project and training. To know more please contact us   

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Duration for project: 12-16 weeks(3 to 4 months)

Duration of training before project: 3-4 weeks depending upon chosen project

Time: 10 am - 3 pm/Day

Eligibility: BE/BTech or Master's students (Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics, Botany, Zoology)

Fees: For 3-4 weeks initial training as well as project : Rs 14000 + 18% GST/ first month/participant (Includes training cost, reagent, consumable and lab utilization)

Depending on project duration there will be a standard fees 7000 /per month after completion of first month of training

Terms and conditions: Fees can be paid as one time payment at the beginning of the training or can be paid in 2 installments, one at the beginning of training and second at the initiation of project post training.

**Group discount will be available 


1. Participants will be briefed about experimental design
2. Participants are expected to do literature review on their own. Faculty can guide in how to carry out literature review.
3. Wherever required, bioinformatics tools will be used and participants will be trained for the same
4. Participants will be also trained with utilization of instruments and will be also familiarized with laboratory rules, reagent preparation and utilization
5. Projects will be supervised by the faculty on daily basis
6. Faculty will keep on updating the participant about his/her progress and will also give suggestions for any improvements to complete the project in timely manner
7. Faculty will also guide in recording the results obtained during the experiment
8. Participants are expected to write the protocols and experimental details in their lab notebook every day.
9. Participant will be responsible for writing the thesis /dissertation


MrBiologist Team, 9766897473 

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506,wing A.Anantshilp Cooperative Housing Society,, DSK Raanwaara Rd, Patil Nagar, Bavdhan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021


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