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15 May 2018

NIBMG Laboratory Manager/Technical Specialist/Data Analyst Openings

(An Autonomous Institution of the Government of India) 
.O.: N .S.S., Kalyani 741251, West Bengal

Advertisement No. ESTB/NIBMG/2018-19/78 

Systems Medicine Cluster (SyMeC): Accelerating Systems Medicine using a Cluster Approach Today, medicine is largely reactive. A medical practitioner treats the illness of a person, with varying levels of success. With the rise of genomics and the accumulation of large amounts of data on various diseases, a new systems-based approach to medicine has emerged. Clinical practitioners and researchers are increasingly realising that our bodies do not work as a set of independent components, but rather as an interacting system, with genes, proteins, cells and organs interacting with each other and the environment in complex ways. The understanding of this system will result in a transcendental change in medical practice; from reactive medicine, based on disease, to a predictive and preventive one centered on health. However, to effect this transition, complementary multi-domain expertise and experience are necessary. 

In conformity with the national priority of stimulating investment in biotechnology, a Biocluster has been created. The Biocluster is a platform – both intellectual and logistical – for generating required biological and medical evidence to accelerate systems medicine. The Biocluster comprises six institutions: 
• Bose Institute, 
• CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, 
• Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, 
• Indian Statistical Institute, • National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, 
• Tata Medical Centre; with the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics serving as the coordinating institution. 

We are looking for motivated and bright individuals interested to explore career opportunities in this innovative multi-organization initiative in Systems Medicine in the positions at NIBMG mentioned as below: 

1 Experimental Laboratory Manager (2) Contractual 

60,000/- to 80,000/- 

(1) PhD in Genomics or a related discipline,
(2) Minimum 5 years of experience of working on high-throughput genomics platforms, 
(3) Past experience in management of biological laboratory, 
(4) Strong letters of recommendation from previous employers/supervisors 
(5) Candidates who have submitted their PhD thesis but are yet to be awarded PhD degree can also apply. If selected, consolidated pay may be fixed lower than that advertised, commensurate with knowledge and experience

(1) Degree/Diploma in Management; 
(2) Conversance with Quality Assurance and GLP; 
(3) Proven track record of independent academic work and leadership; 
(4) Two years' experience in management of a service laboratory

(1) Management and coordination (including hands on work) of laboratory facilities, execution of projects in time bound manner, 
(2) Implementation of Quality Assurance and GLP measures 

2 Technical Specialist Tier-2 (1) Contractual 

25,000/- to 40,000/ 

(1) MSc or equivalent (or BSc with 3 years laboratory experience) in Genetics/Life Sciences/Biochemistry/ related discipline; 
(2) Minimum 3 years of experience of working with high-throughput genomics platforms. 

(1) Experience in whole genome/targeted sequencing, RNA-Seq, GWAS and Methylation Array 
(2) Experience in DNA and RNA isolation from archived bio specimens e.g. FFPE tissue Hands-on massively parallel sequencing, microarray laboratory work and instrument operations as well as other related laboratory activities 

International Cancer Genome Consortium – India Project 

The International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) has been launched to coordinate large-scale cancer genome studies in tumours from 50 different cancer types that are of clinical and societal importance across the globe. The Indian initiative of the ICGC is on gingivo-buccal oral cancer (GBOC). The ICGC Laboratory of the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics is the site of genomic analyses of the initiative, which consists of next generation sequencing, genome wide scan and related activities. We are looking for motivated and bright individuals interested to explore career opportunities in these high throughput cutting edges laboratory technologies in genomics for the technical positions as follows: 

Data Analyst (2) Contractual 

18,000/- to 25,000/- 

(1) First Class B.Tech/M. Tech/MSc degree or equivalent in computer science / Bioinformatics or a related discipline 
(2) Experience in programming - C/C++, Java, R or python (3) Proficiency in UNIX command line scripting 

(1) Handling of bioinformatics software packages and genomic databases 
(2) Experience in handling large volume DNA sequence / genotyping data in large projects (3)Strong communication skills and the ability to work as part of the team is essential 

(1) QA/QC and analysis of raw sequence data generated by massively parallel DNA sequencing platforms, 
(2) Programing, design and operation of massively parallel DNA sequencing data analysis pipelines 

These positions are contractual and appointments will be initially given for one year, which are extendable depending upon performance and requirements of the project. Please apply online at (no other form of application will be accepted). 

The last date of application is 24th May, 2018

Please visit our website for further information. Only the shortlisted candidates will be called for Interview/Test. No TA/DA will be provided for attending the Interview/Test. 


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