Biosrishti Online Summer Training – Genetics to Genetic Engineering | 10 - 27th May, 2021

Online Summer Training – Genetics to Genetic Engineering

10 - 27th May, 2021

About the session

This workshop conducted by Biosrishti (Registered Educational Service Organisation) will provide detailed knowledge of classical to modern genetics with experiential learning sessions.

Modules covered


Genetics – Introduction, Experiential Learning – Monohybrid cross, Dihybrid cross, Mendelian Traits and Analysis, Pedigree Analysis, Fingerprint Analysis, Karyotyping


Genetic engineering – Introduction, Cloning Principle and Strategies, In silico – Vector design, Cloning Mechanism, Screening of recombinants, Expression and purification of recombinant proteins, Regulatory Authority – Genetic Engineering, Applications of Genetic Engineering

Flyer :

Participation mode Google Meet @ 5-6pm

Registration fee

Rs: 1000/- Students & Scholars

Rs: 1200/- Faculty

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Pay to

Gpay, PayTM, PhonePe: 8300096998

Bank Details

Account Name : Biosrishti

Account No       : 3113201004346

IFSC Code           : CNRB0002461

On successful completion of the session the candidate will be able to understand and demonstrate the concepts of classical and modern genetics. Successful candidates will be awarded an E-Certificate of participation.

Contact us

            Cell : 8300096998



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