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17 April 2008

About Us

Hello Folks,

helpBIOTECH is to help Life Science/Biotechnology aspirants about course admissions, entrance tests, education, research and to build a career in Life Science/ Biotechnology. 

helpBIOTECH is managed by Biotechnologists and is nothing but share our knowledge and give back what we know. 

We believe in providing mentorship in shaping the career, in future we also include expert advice on related fields and help students on course preparation and career opportunities. 

Now, helpBIOTECH updated daily, so you can visit helpBIOTECH regularly or subscribe by leaving your email for constant updates. 

Please do write your valuable suggestions to us pnandaraj [at] gmail.com or call us on 9652956019/9052686470

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Thanks for visiting.


ok said...

Help biotech is really helpful.i want to share my knowledge about entrances.As IGIB also declared its Ph.D programme.

sanjay said...

helpbiotech is really a panacea for biotech students. it fullfill all their requirements what they want.

techthil.bio said...

My Dear friend

i was uploaded my university National level symposium invitation in our helpbiotech web page please help me how to do this ?

S.Senthil kumar M.Tech.,
Research scholar
Department of Biotechnology
Anna University Tiruchirappalli
Tiruchirappalli - 24.

helpBIOTECH Team said...

Hi Senthil Kumar

We don't have uploading facility right now with helpBIOTECH.

if u have any thing, please send to us pnandaraj@gmail.com

sudeep maurya,davv indore said...

its very nice and helped me to complete my M.Sc. project work.

Anonymous said...

sir , for the last 2 months i am not getting any updates form ur website. kindly lok into the matter.......... from Hussaintouseef@yahoo.co.in

helpBIOTECH Team said...

subscribe once more


unsubscribe and subscribe once more.

let us know if u need any help

Anonymous said...


It would be great help if apart from top cioties you can also sort other cities by name, viz. Ahmedabad, Bhopal etc.

Otherwise also Help Biotech is a grat help.

Thanks a lot.


Anusuya Bhattacharya said...

Hi I want to appear for Dec 2017 CSIR Net Lifescience Exam. I am M.Tech Biotechnology 2017 pass out. Will this course material be enough for preparing? Kindly help. Is the cost of lifescience csir net course material 7500 INR?

helpBIOTECH Team said...

Materials are enough with our guidance. RS 7500/- for 16 books.

thirumalai raji said...

iam new to helpbiotech iam studying bsc biotechnology final year i need some ideas for project

helpBIOTECH Team said...

Stem cells, crisper, drug design, vaccines etc

Unknown said...

how we can post on help biotech page
or how we can advertise????

helpBIOTECH Team said...

Use following link http://www.helpbiotech.co.in/2011/10/advertise.html

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