IGIB International Course in Laboratory Animal Science | 18- 19 November 2013


International Course in Laboratory Animal Science

18- 19 November 2013

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Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) is a specialized subject considered under Veterinary Medicine. LAS is a fast developing subject in the world which is necessary for bio-medical research. The development of cell culture techniques and computer models has reduced the use of animal models in research in the recent past. These invitro models however, cannot substituteinvivo animal models totally. Knowledge and expertise on Laboratory Animal Science is an urgent need for researchers engaged in animal experiments. This course is organized and conducted in order to disseminate basic facts and principles that are essential for the humane use and care of animals recruited for research, to support a critical and analytical attitude towards the scientific knowledge underlying laboratory animal science related activities and to improve quality of research conducted. Apart from that, the main agenda of suggesting this course is to train young scientists and Researchers all over the world. The program during the 2 week intensive course is based on the category C recommendations of the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) which is being organized by the  Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in collaboration with CPCSEA, NIAW and Utrecht University of the Netherlands.

The proposed course will discuss the following topics on the scheduled days.

      1.  Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science
      2.   Ethical discussion on animal experiments
      3.   Introduction to the preparation of an experimental protocol and the critical analysis of a scientific paper
      4.   Animal Welfare and experimental procedures
      5.   Administrative requirements and quality assurance during the conduct of animal studies
      6.   International legislation
      6.   The animal and its environment
      7.   Introduction to practical training
      8.   Euthanasia
      9.   Introduction to experimental techniques
    10.   Peri-operative care and analgesia
    11.   Ethics committee – The Indian system
    12.   Ethical evaluation of research protocols
    13.   Plenary discussion on research applications to the ethics committee
    14.   Surgical techniques
    15.   Anaesthesia
    16.   Statistics and methodology I & II
    17.   Diseases and pathology
    18.   Animal protection organization
    19.   Anatomy of laboratory animals
    20.   Microbiology
    21.   Genetic standardization
    22.   Genetic modification
    23.   Alternatives to animal procedures
    24.   Humane end points in animal experiments
    25.   Nutrition of Laboratory animals


Who Can Apply ?
* Candidates holding bachelor's degree in any area of biomedical sciences including veterinary, medicine , biology and pharmacy.

* Participants will be selected on the basis of registration date, previews education, institution of origin and institutional interest.


Candidate from Government organization 12,000/-

Industry 20,000/-

1. Demand Draft should be in the favour of CSIR-IGIB-ICLAS Payable at New Delhi.
2. Fee includes course material, meals, Tea/coffee & snacks during the course days.

How to apply ?
*Candidates can download the application form from the link : Application Form and return duly filled to organizing secratory, ICLAS, CSIR-IGIB, South Campus, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110020 along with demand draft.

*ALSO, Kindly send us your details in the format : Application Form Via email at iclas@igib.in OR   Fax at 011-27667471

Note: Application will be proceeded only after receipt of demand Draft

More Info: http://www.igib.res.in/iclas/index.html

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