Goa University Workshop on Chemical Analysis of Biomolecules and Computation | 23-24 November 2017

Skill Developmental Workshop for Research Students 

The Department of Biotechnology is organizing a two day workshop on “Chemical Analysis of Biomolecules and Computation “ on 23 and 24 November 2017 as a skill development program for all research scholars in Natural and Life Sciences. 

We invite interested and enthusiastic applicants for the workshop. 

Total number of participants are limited to 30. 

Charges for the workshop : Rs 100/- to be paid by challan to Registrar of Goa University. Registration (HoD Biotech)and Challan may be collected from the Department of Biotechnology 



23rd November, 2017 

9.30 am– 10.30 am : 

Dr. Mahesh Majik Analytical methods for isolation, purification characterization of biomoleculas. 

10.45 to 11.45: 

Dr. Pallavi Nachinolkar statistical Analysis I in Biology. 

12.00 to 1.00 pm : 

Dr. Abhishek Mishra Proteome analysis. 

2.00 to 4.00 pm. 

Dr. Thomas Bruckdorfer (IRIS Biotech) GmbH) 

Why are peptides being used as Pharmaceutical substances and What is their difference to small molecule drugs methodologies how to produce Peptides basic & differences of different methodologists 

4.00 pm. : Coffee and discussion. 

24th November 2017: 

9.30 am to 10.30am: 

Dr. Mahesh Majik Advance mass spectrometry for identification of Peptides and Biomolecules 

10.30am to 12.30 pm : Dr. Thomas Bruckdorfer: Protection and de -Protection: a survey of different protecting groups. 

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm : 

Dr. Pallavi Nachinolkar Stastistical Analysis in Biology II 

5.00 pm. : Tea break and certificates.


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