NABI Recruits Scientists 2017 in Agri-Food Biotech

National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) 
(Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India) 
Knowledge city, Sector-81, Mohali, (Punjab), India-140306 

[Advt. No.NABI/02/2017/Rectt.] 

NABI needs scientists of highest calibre and potential at various levels. The number of faculty positions in the areas of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Biotechnology is given below.

Areas of specialization as essential qualifications: Research experience will be calculated as follows: 

1. For PhD degree experience will be calculated from the award of the PhD degree. 
2. For MD/ the experience will be calculated from the date of the award of degree (MD/ in the relevant subject. Interest (evidenced by publications in high IF journals, patents of proven utility and or products of applied value) relevant and critical to the following areas of research will be considered. 

1. Agricultural Biotechnology and Molecular Biology: Application & biotechnological tools for developing crop varieties (cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits) for high nutrition, increased shelf life and processing quality; Genomics assisted breeding and genomic selection; Non transgenic approaches like CRISPR/Cas9 for genetic engineering of crops (cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit) applications of OMICS techniques and whole genome analysis to identify genes, biomarkers, signal transduction, pathway regulation, plant immunity and applications to regulating plant growth and development. 

2. Food Safety and Quality: Food Standards, Food Safety (Microbial, Chemical, and Physical contaminants); Diagnostics for Food Safety. 

3. Food Stability: Applications of biopolymers to foods, smart polymers, nano-materials edible coatings, bioactive molecules and enzymes for enhancing post-harvest shelf life of fruits and vegetables biosensors. 

4. Food Processing and Design: Improving structure and quality of foods, using enzymes, bio-molecules and microbes in food processing, novel product development and food fortification. 

5. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: High throughput genome analysis genome assembly, annotation and comparative genomics, metagenome and microbiome analysis, ability to handle NGS data, protein modeling and interaction and system biology preferably with skills in (a) Machine learning or (b) High Performance Computing or (c )Biostatistics, or database and genome browser development 

6. Nutraceutical and Phytochemicals: Characterization and development of novel natural plant products and product development for better health, natural flavors, colors and dyes 

7. Nutritional Biology: Bioprocessing of foods for enhancing micronutrition and bioavailability: nutrigenomics 

8. Plant Tissue Culture: Micropropagation, double haploid development, genetic transformation of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruit crops. 

Selection Process: The applications will be received against the advertised positions. Suitably constituted screening committee will screen the applications in one or two stages on the basis of essential qualifications & research experience, recommendation letters and research outcomes. The applicants identified as highly promising will be invited for interactions at the institute and for discussions with suitably constituted selection committee. 

Applications will be picked up for screening in two batches, first on May 31, and second on Nov 30, 2017.

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