National Level Workshop on Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Ex Situ Conservation and Applications of Fungi | 21–30 November 2017

National Fungal Culture Collection of India (NFCCI): 
DST-National Facility 
6th National Level Workshop on Taxonomy, Biodiversity, Ex Situ Conservation and Applications of Fungi 

21–30 November 2017 

Venue: MACS-Agharkar Research Institute, Pune 

NFCCI proposes to conduct a national level workshop for providing advanced training and help in developing competence in the thrust area of mycology and related disciplines. The workshop will be of great value to students, who are willing to pursue their career in fungal systematics and biology, plant pathology and quarantine, industrial mycology and biotechnology. 

This workshop would also be useful for the personnel working in pharmaceutical, food, biopesticides and biofertilizer industries and quality control. Topics to be covered during workshop are as follows: 

 Introduction to current biological status, classification and nomenclature of fungi 
 Importance of asexual and sexual morphs in identification of fungi 
 Introduction to habitat directed exploration of fungi from nature (mesophiles and extremophiles) 
 Hands on training in isolation and culturing of plant pathogens, terrestrial litter, dung and soil fungi  Hands on training in isolation, induction of sporulation and multiplication of endophytic fungi 
 Hands on training in morphotyping and characterization of different groups of fungi 
 Hands on training in morphological identification and taxonomy of micro and macrofungi 
 Hands on training in selective isolation, culturing and identification of selected aquatic fungi 
 Introduction to DNA barcoding, multigene phylogeny and their relevance in fungal taxonomy and identification  Hands on training in DNA isolation, PCR and DNA sequencing 
 Hands on training in sequence analysis and phylogeny 
 Hands on training in mass multiplication of selected fungi used as biopesticide 
 Introduction to isolation and purification of fungal secondary metabolites 
 Introduction and hands on training in bio-assays, CFU and spore counts, etc. 
 Introduction to different methods used in conservation of different groups of fungi 
 Hands on training in lyophilization, cryopreservation, and other classical methods 
 Hands on training in preparing voucher specimens 
 Introduction to Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Indian Biodiversity Act 

Who can apply: Graduates/Postgraduates in Science/Life Sciences, Ph.D. students, Post Doc Researchers, College and University teachers, Scientists, etc. Workshop Fee Rs 12,500 + GST @18% (participants from academia and research institutions) Rs 15,500 + GST @18% (participants from industry) 

Note: Workshop fee includes workshop kit, laboratory expenses and food (breakfast and lunch). Due to limited availability, accommodation would be arranged on request of the selected candidates. The approximate charges of accommodation would be Rs 750 (+ admissible tax, if any) per person and per day (twin sharing basis). 

Participants may utilize ARI canteen facility for dinner on payment basis. 

Important dates 

Receipt of duly filled-in application form: 23 October 2017 
Intimation to selected candidates: 27 October 2017 
Receipt of fee from selected candidates: 6 November 2017 

Application form can be downloaded from ARI website: 

Note: Selection of candidates and cancellation of workshop will be solely at the discretion of the organizer, and no further correspondence shall be entertained in this regards. 

Contact: Coordinator of the National Workshop: Dr S. K. Singh, Scientist, MACS-Agharkar Research Institute, Pune 411 004, Phone: 020-253 25103; Mobile: 95527 09158; e-mail:,

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