International Conference on Innovations in Pharma and Biopharma Industry (ICIPBI‐2017): Challenges and Opportunities for Academy and Industry | 20‐22 December, 2017

International Conference on Innovations in Pharma and Biopharma Industry (ICIPBI‐2017): Challenges and Opportunities for Academy and Industry 

20‐22 December, 2017

Special Sessions 

Regenerative Medicine 
Innovations as Future Medicine of 21st Century 
Cancer and Infectious 
Disease Research – New Drug Discovery and Development 
Data Science 

Workshop Organizers: University of Hyderabad Hyderabad 

With participation from: Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy Conference Indian pharma is transforming with biotech portfolio in development of biologicals in both biosimilar and novel molecules. The strong IT base, state of the art infrastructure and large pool of scientific power can be exploited for the design and development of innovative therapeutics. There is a need to refocus pharmaceutical research away from early discovery activities by involving academia in the forefront in partnership with industry to focus on emerging technologies of therapeutic development. This shift in the focus of the industry from early to current stage drug discovery will enable the translation of publicly funded research and lead to the cost‐effective development of drugs. Moreover, they can overcome the challenges in drug discovery like increasing costs, decreasing productivity, and attrition of projects. This requires strong linkages between academy and industry. Push and Pull models have to be created where ‘push’ from the academy and ‘pull’ from the industry will help in more effective linkages for innovative product developments. To make these novel partnership models successful, sustainable funding strategies required to be considered for creation of specialized core facilities within the academic institutions and stronger academy‐  industry partnership need to be developed. In addition, there is need to create an ideal environment for scientist‐ based start‐up enterprises focusing on innovation and creativity. This not only creates job opportunities for young graduates coming out of Universities and Institutes, but also channelizes the early discoveries towards innovative and novel products and thus nation building. 

Much of this translational work occurs through collaborations between academic (basic as well as clinical) and industrial institutions, taking advantage of the respective strengths and resources of the all sectors. However, such collaborations sometimes can be challenging due to differences between the cultures and priorities of the two parties. Under this scenario the University of Hyderabad with participation of Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (ABAP) align itself with a national mission of start‐up India, digital India, green India, and inclusive India and is making efforts to organize ICIPBI‐2017 with a focus on providing a platform for basic scientists, clinicians and industrialists to come together and showcase their strengths, expertise and explore collaborations so as to promote novel discovery and development of pharma and biopharmaceuticals. 

Theme to be discussed 

 Diversity of Animal and Plant Diseases 
 New Drug Discovery and Development with Natural Resources 
 Cancer Research – Drug Discovery and Development 
 Infectious diseases 
 Neurological Diseases 
 Cell based therapies for management of diseases 
 Genome‐wide studies 
 Genetic and epigenetic basis of diseases 
 Transgenic Technology – Human Welfare 
 Regenerative Medicine 
 Reproductive Biology & Endocrinology 
 Monoclonals for therapy and diagnostics 
 Translational Research 
 Bioinformatics and data science– Human welfare 
 Academia‐Industry interface 
 Regulatory issues

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