GIAN Short-term Course on Cancer Health Disparity | December 18-22, 2017

Short-term course on Cancer Health Disparity 


The current nature of biomedical research, especially cancer research and education, is heavily focused on the use of dedicated research facilities and working in teams and research collaborations. Although the primary purpose of the proposed course is to encourage the development of scientific research skills, stakeholders (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral fellows, junior faculty, the public and members from industry) will be exposed to cancer education and research preparation at Guru Ghasidas University. This opportunity will enable interaction between stakeholders to enrich their cancer education. The expectations of this course include exposing stakeholders to cancer research and education; preparing them for independent research; fostering self-confidence and team-working abilities in observation, recording, and interpreting data; providing mentoring interactions between the faculty and students; developing scientific communications skills; and providing exposure and career guidance and information about cancer careers in academia, government, and industry. Therefore, the overarching goal of this course is to promote the understanding of the etiology of racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic cancer disparities and to develop improved approaches to reducing and eventually eliminating those disparities. This course will provide basic knowledge of attaining excellence in research focused on the basis of cancer health disparities and on reducing the cancer burden. 

Objectives: The primary objectives of the course are as follows: 
• to tap the pool of talented students, faculty, and oncologists 
• to promote a Cancer Research and cancer health disparity issues 
• to encourage graduate and undergraduate students across various scientific disciplines to pursue careers in the biosciences through Cancer research 
• to attract industry partner to invest in cancer research to encourage oncologists to collaborate with basic scientists 
• to promote cancer awareness and healthy lifestyles in the community 

Course participants will learn about these topics through lectures and hands-on experiments. Also, case studies and assignments will be shared to stimulate research motivation of participants. 

Course Schedule Short-term course on Cancer Health Disparity 

December 18-22, 2017 

Number of participants will be limited to 30 only 

Course Modules 

• 101 of cancer initiation and progression of cancer and Cancer Health Disparity 
• Molecular signatures that impact health disparity 
• Impact of Socioeconomic factors on health disparity 
• Importance of cancer education and awareness and Lessons for public and health care providers 
• Challenges in cancer detection and cure 
• Impact of modern cancer research and nanotechnology in cancer cure 
• Cancer prevention-effective practices • Tips to prevent cancer incidences through general awareness and other programs that help in cancer health 
• Basic research and laboratory technical skills 

You Should Attend If… 

• You are a Post-Graduate with interest in cancer biology. 
• You are a research scholar and working in the area of cancer biology and nanotechnology. 
• You are a research scholar or faculty from academic institution interested in learning cancer biology related techniques. 
• Researchers from government organizations including R&D laboratories. 

Students at all levels (B. Tech/M.Sc./M.Tech./PhD) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions. 


The participation fees for taking the course is as follows: 
Participants from abroad: US$100.00 
Industry/Research Organizations: Rs. 5000.00 
Academic Institutions: Research Scholar: Rs. 3000.00 (with Fellowship) Rs.1500.00 (without Fellowship) 
* Faculty Members: Rs. 4000.00 

Note: The above fee includes all instructional materials, working lunch Coffee/Tea on breaks, Computer use for Tutorials and Assignments, Free Internet Facility. The participants will be provided accommodation on nominal charges, shared basis that to on request, first come first serve basis. Participants must register on the GIAN portal by paying one-time registration fee of Rs. 500, then select the programme after registration, later pay the above-listed registration fee at the at the VENUE (GGV Bilaspur (CG)).*Come along with HOD/Principal’ Letter.

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