Training Program in Biotechnology for Student of North-East India On Orchid Propagation | November 16 – December 15, 2017

Short-Term Skill Development Training Program in Biotechnology for Student of North-East India On ‘Orchid Propagation’ 

November 16 – December 15, 2017

Organized by

Institutional Biotech Hub Department of Botany 
Nagaland University, 
Nagaland, India

Jointly Sponsored by 

Biotech Park, Lucknow, UP 
Department of Biotechnology Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi 


‘Institutional Biotech Hub, NU, Lumami & Network project ‘Orchid Bioresources of the North-East India– Conservation, Database Development & Information Networking

Course Contents


(1) Plant Tissue Culture Basics; (2) Propagation of orchids by conventional method; (3) Orchid Diversity/Types/Uses; (4) Orchids and bioeconomy.; (5) Orchid tissue culture techniques; (6) Low cost tissue culture technique. 

Hands on Session 

1. Processing of materials for potting mix. 
2. Preparation of potting mix for different types of orchids. 
3. Techniques of macropropagation/ conventional propagation of different types of orchids. 
4. Orchid hanging techniques. 
5. Preparation of medium/media for green pod culture. 
6. Green pod cultures (start to end) 
7. Processing of low cost substrata for agar alternatives. 
8. Initiation of culture on alternative substrata. 
9. One-step hardening technique of tissue culture raised plants. 
10. Transplantation of regenerates and maintenance in poly-house. 

Note: First week of the training will be spent on orientation and rest of the time for laboratory work. All trainees will be required to make brief presentation at the end of the training. 

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