Workshop on Unix for Biologists | 22nd – 24th January 2018

Three Day Workshop on Unix for Biologists

22nd – 24th January 2018

About the workshop

The terminal interface in UNIX, the environment on which the operating systems Linux and Mac are built, is a central tool for processing and managing biological data. It inherently provides a variety of programs and commands for performing text-file manipulation, and is frequently the main platform for more advanced bioinformatic tools. Large processing clusters are also often based on a UNIX environment. Basic knowledge of how to navigate, manage data and perform data processing in UNIX is a highly useful and versatile skill for anyone working with biological data. It is also a crucial skill to have when working with command-line based bioinformatic softwares.

Workshop Content

The workshop will offer hands on training to all the participants and cover the following topics:

Background and introduction to UNIX, Navigation and file management in the UNIX file system, Working with bioinformatic file formats (FASTA, FASTQ, GFF) using UNIX commands, Editing Protein Data Bank files using UNIX commands, Protein Structure Visualization and Analysis using UNIX commands, Setting up biomolecular simulations using UNIX commands, Linking multiple UNIX commands together using streams and pipes, Processing multiple files in a single command, Automation of tasks using UNIX shell scripting, Advanced SED and AWK scripts to manage bioinformatic file formats.


No previous knowledge in UNIX is required. The target audience is biologists/Chemists.

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