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AgriGenome focused on solving the challenging problems needed to improve food security and enrich the lives of all mankind. We are looking for an outstanding Bioinformatics Scientist to join in our team and solve exciting challenges in the areas of genomics, bioinformatics, and next-generation sequence analysis. We are a diverse global team of computational biologists and bioinformaticians working in genomics discovery research. We value curious, enthusiastic, out-of-the-box thinkers for their ability to provide innovative analytical solutions in a team-oriented environment.

Key Responsibilities

As part of our team, the Bioinformatics Scientist will
 Develop, apply, and deliver cutting-edge pipelines for the analysis and interpretation of NGS data (DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, Bisulphite-Seq, etc.)
 Design, develop and apply the next generation of genome annotation pipelines that generate world-class, comprehensive structural and functional annotation information for genomes of interest.
 Have expertise in predictive algorithms and methods for genes, promoters and other regulatory elements in complex eukaryotic genomes.
 Provide bioinformatics expertise to benchmark both internally and externally developed tools/pipelines to stay on the cutting edge of NGS data analysis.
 Perform high quality bioinformatics analyses on a variety of research applications, including variant detection, comparative genomics etc., using state-of-the-art tools.
 Follow emerging trends in genomics data analysis and maintain expertise in the application of genomic technologies.
 Collaborate effectively in a team environment with individuals of all levels of experience

Required Qualifications
 PhD degree in Computational Biology, Plant Biology, Bioinformatics, Computer science or a related field with at least 5 years of relevant experience; MS degree with 8 years relevant experience may also be considered.
 Solid knowledge of at least 2 scripting languages (Perl, Python, R or Ruby), and experience with high performance compute clusters is strictly required.
 Good understanding of next generation genomics technologies including but not limited to Illumina, Pacific BioSciences, Bionano.
 Demonstrated experience with popular NGS analysis software including BWA, bowtie, GATK-suite, HiSat, Trinity, RSEM, HTSEq, SnpEff.

Preferred Qualifications
 Proficiency in genomic data analysis, bioinformatics algorithm development and biological data interpretation.
 Experience in de-novo and reference based structural genomics, annotation and transcriptome assembly using a variety of NGS platforms and data types is an added plus.
 Familiarity with machine learning for discovering biological gene networks and identifying functional pathways.
 Contribution to peer-reviewed publications in relevant scientific journals.

We are looking for an individual who will enhance foundational knowledge of genomes for crops and other species of interest to further our understanding of the biological mechanisms underpinning various crop traits. This person will exhibit deep competence in developing high-quality, comprehensive genome structural and functional annotations, interpreting large scale genomics and transcriptomics datasets, collaborating extensively, and who can stretch their imagination to solve biological problems of business interest with scientists from other domains.

If you are a dynamic individual who can work effectively in a diverse multi-cultural, global team with outstanding analytical skills, independent decision-making, excellent interpersonal effectiveness and presentation skills, please submit your resume today!

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Last Date : 25th July 2018

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