STRATALYCS Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Online Training | 2nd September 2018

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis 
Online Training

Duration : 1 month (Everyday one hour class) or Every sunday 3 to 4 hours

Date : 2nd September 2018

Trainer : Highly experienced Industrial professional

More interactive training, practical practice and real time project

Fee : INR 12000/-

Topics covered in NGS training:

 Introduction to Bioinformatics
 Linux basics
 R programming basics
 Experimental setup (Basic of wetlab principle of each sequencing methods)
 Basic of NGS data analysis
 NGS for genomics; assembly, alignment, QC and variant calling tools
 NGS read-to-reference alignment (genomic and RNA-Seq)
 Variant calling in populations
 NGS for transcriptomics; QC, mapping, visualisation tools
 Reference of RNA-sequence data
 Statistics used for RNA seq data analysis
 Principle of some MLA like PCA , heatmap , hirarchial clustering
 Functional annotation
 Pathways analysis
 Network analysis

Eligibility: Students, Researchers, working professionals from any Life Science area

Interested Candidates Contact Us : 

Phone: 08897319962 

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