17th SIL talk on Making your Business Future Ready by Dr Vandana Nadig Nair | 24 October 2018

17th SIL talk on Making your Business Future Ready by Dr Vandana Nadig Nair 

Organized by Venture Center 

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018Time: 4 pm to 5.30 pm | Lecture Theatre, 900 NCL Innovation Park

(Networking tea at 3.30 pm)

Abstract of the talk:  Talk focuses on discovering the key ingredients to help grow your organization in order to achieve the social impact you seek to create. Dr. Vandana NadigNair will share her own and other organization experiences (from both the not for profit as well as social enterprise spaces) and explores ideas such as - Design thinking; Collaboration; Leadership Development; Organization building. She will share experiences of key success factors behind a multi-partner collaboration effort; share the criticality of building leaders at all levels; explore the centrality of the end beneficiary and how that must be kept center stage at all times.  She will also share stories where mission drift, reinventing the wheel and a lack of succession planning have all thwarted growth and acceleration.
Speaker: Dr. Vandana Nadig Nair (Founder: CoCoon, Phicus and ElderAid)

Vandana holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Central Michigan University. She has 27 years of work experience across the corporate and social sectors. Her areas of expertise include: Support to top teams / Senior leaders to grow and scale organizations and projects; Enabling creation of vision and strategic plans; Design of institution building, culture programs; Design of capacity building programs / initiatives / products; Leadership capability assessment and development and enabling collaborations, networks.  She worked with Hindustan Unilever Limited (1995-1998) in the Human Resources function, Head of Human Resources at Torry Harris Business Solutions (1998 to 2000). In 2000, Vandana moved on to set up CoCoon (www.cocoonconsulting.com), a niche firm that designs and delivers strategic talent-related solutions, where she has played a significant role in growing the leadership development practice. In 2012, Vandana set up Phicus Social Solutions (www.phicus.org), a Section 8 company that focuses on capacity building of key change agents in the social sector eco-system in order to amplify social impact and drives the Social Innovation Labs practice in Phicus. In 2015, she co-founded ElderAid Wellness Pvt. Ltd., (www.elderaid.in) a social enterprise that provides at-home services to senior citizens in Bangalore and works to spread awareness about senior wellness.
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More details regarding the Social Innovation Lecture Series on: http://venturecenter.co.in/siip3/sil.php

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