Essay Competition – 2018 

Shri B. V. Patel Education Trust invites entries for the essay competition for the year 2018. The subject for the essay is 


Advertising is a powerful approach that plays a significant role in shaping the attitude and behavior of people. This also explains the fact that average spending of a pharmaceutical company on marketing and advertising far exceeds that of its research budget. Advertisement by definition means “a paid-for communication, addressed to public or a section of it, the purpose of which is to influence the opinions or behavior of those whom it is addressed”. Generally speaking, pharmaceutical advertising strategy comprises of- 

 Advertising to healthcare providers: This includes pharmaceutical sales representative’s detailing to physicians, free sample distribution, detailing to hospitals, sponsoring continuing medical education (CME) 
 Direct to user advertising: Use of mass media - radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards, social media etc to directly advertise the pharmaceutical product to the patients. The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries where this mode of advertising has been legalized. 
 Articles in journals and technical documentation 

The purpose of pharmaceutical advertising is to drive research concepts into practical therapeutic tools, thus translating the novelty into the effective therapy in health care system. However, ethical aspects of this practice have always been a matter of debate. Appearance and fanciful claims of advertisement brochures, embellished with token gifts and free samples, tend to manipulate physicians’ minds. This put forth an influence on physicians prescribing pattern, which may not be beneficial to the patients, however it may add to the escalating healthcare cost. On the other hand, Direct to user advertising, empower and engage patients to participate in their own health care, treatment options, safety risks, and public health warnings. Nevertheless, manifestation of a disease can be easily confused and should be investigated and treated only under medical supervision. This can potentially lead to misdiagnosis and self-medication-related adverse events. Publishing the pharmaceutical findings in scientific journals has also been debated as a mode to allegedly suppress the unfavorable results and publishing articles by paying, in order to promote drugs. With pharmaceutical companies now exploring the emerging e-promotional activities, it’s time to evaluate the pros and cons of the pharmaceutical advertising strategies. The essay need to emphasis on the need, virtues and the shortcomings of the current pharmaceutical advertising strategies. Also suggest an optimum pharmaceutical advertising strategy with an emphasis on the role of regulatory agencies in it. 

AWARDS : First and second prize winners will be respectively awarded the Gold & Silver Medal during 70th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress to be held at Amity University, Noida, from 21 – 23, December 2018. Medal winning entries should be of at least “Distinction” quality as judged by the panel of judges. 


1) Any person interested in Pharmacy is entitled to participate in the competition. 
2) Not more than two Figures may be appended with the essay. The text part of the essay including Tables should not exceed 3000 words. Beyond 3000 words, it would attract minus marks. 
3) The essay exceeding 4000 words would not be eligible for competition. 
4) Only single author entry shall be permitted. Acknowledgement of any significant advise or help from others may be made in the cover letter. 
5) Acknowledgement or the name and address of the author should not appear anywhere on the body of the essay or on the synopsis. 
6) The last date for the receipt of Essay is 05/11/2018. The essays received after 05/11/2018 cease to be eligible for competition. 
7) The essay should be exclusively written and submitted for this competition only. 
8) The decision regarding acceptance, rejection and the award of the medals for the essay would be solely of the trust and remain abiding by all the participants. 

The essay in 4 copies along with 
(1) A short bio-data and a passport size photograph of the author (2) four copies of synopsis in not more than 300 words should be sent with a covering letter to The Hon. Secretary, Shri B. V. Patel Education Trust, C/o. B. V. Patel PERD Centre, S. G. Highway, Thaltej, Ahmedabad - 380 054, subscribing on the envelope “ESSAY COMPETITION”, on or before 05/11/2018. 

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