Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Fundamentals and Applications of Chemistry in Material and Biological Sciences: Recent Trends 2–17 January 2019

Science Academies’ Refresher Course on 
Fundamentals and Applications of Chemistry in Material and Biological Sciences: Recent Trends 

2–17 January 2019

Organized by 

Surendranath College, Kolkata 700 009  

Sponsored by 

Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru 
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi

The National Academy of Sciences, India, Allahabad Chemists have used their knowledge and skill to prepare a large number of novel materials which are extremely useful products in modern science. Chemical synthesis has been a world-shattering paradigm underpinning all of modern civilization and these synthetic chemicals penetrate in almost every sphere of our environment. The development of nano materials in solar cell, catalysis, separation technology, biomedical engineering, and nanotechnology has remarkably opened a new vista in this planet. Furthermore, coordination complexes, high-tech polymers, nonlinear optical substances, liquid crystals, tough ceramics, novel electronics, designer drugs, genetic materials, nano dimensional molecules, organic and inorganic catalysts, bring a new dimension in material and biological sciences. The proposed course broadly covers important topics of chemical sciences like green chemistry, electro-chemical aspects of coordination compounds, molecular spectroscopy, luminescent nanomaterials, lubricant, biomolecules, redox reactions, crystal engineering, biomimicking chemistry, magnetic materials, and drug delivery with conceptual advances in this field. 

Applications are invited from teachers with experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Chemical and Biological Sciences background. Maximum 45 applications will be considered and teachers who wish to participate in the Refresher Course may apply through proper channel with the following details: name, date of birth, gender, e-mail, official and residential addresses, telephone numbers, academic qualifications, courses taught, affiliation, positions held and tenure. It is also essential to submit a brief statement (between 250 and 500 words) as to why they think the Course will help to improve their classroom teaching of Chemical and Biological Sciences. 

Applications should be submitted ONLINE by clicking the following link: 

A print copy of the application must also be sent by speed post forwarded by the head of the institution. It should reach the Course Coordinator before 15 November 2018. Outstation candidates will be provided local hospitality and round trip bus/train (three-tier AC) fare by the shortest route. 

Course Director: Professor Ashutosh Ghosh, University of Calcutta, Kolkata 700 009. 

Course Coordinator: Dr Bhaskar Biswas, Coordinator, Department of Chemistry, Surendranath College, Kolkata 700 009 (e-mail: 

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