Workshop on NGS Data Analysis & Computer Aided Drug Designing | November 22-24, 2018

Workshop on NGS Data Analysis & Computer Aided Drug Designing 

November 22-24, 2018

Organized by 
Institute for Development of Advanced Computing
 ONGC- Centre for Advanced Studies 

In collaboration with 

Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics 
Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility 
 University of Lucknow

Objective of the workshop The objective of the training program is to give exposure to the participants to concepts, skills and tools of bioinformatics and to provide hands on training on various bioinformatics approaches such as basics of sequence analysis, phylogenetic analysis, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), protein structure prediction, target-ligand interaction analyses and basics of computer-aided drug designing through various online as well as offline tools and software.

Course Content  

Genomic Data Handling ♦ Sequence alignment 
♦ Pair wise sequence alignment Multiple sequence alignment 
♦ Phylogenetic analysis (distance based method) 
♦ Downstream gene prediction  

Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis 
♦ Understanding NGS technology 
♦ Quality control 
♦ Trimming and adapter clipping 
♦ Assembly and reads mapping 
♦ Functional annotation

Drug designing 
♦ Protein Structure Prediction 
♦ Post Structural Analysis 
♦ Molecular Docking Analysis 
♦ Target and Ligand Interaction Analyses 

Registration Closes November 20th, 2018

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