ABF Hyderabad Workshop on Scientific Writing, Reporting and Presentation (WSW) | 14-16 February 2019

PJTS Agricultural University Campus 
Hyderabad 500030 

Workshop on Scientific Writing, Reporting and Presentation (WSW) 

14 – 16 February 2019 

Quite often, young researchers with good data sets, find it difficult to write research article for submission to reputed Journals for publications. Also, many middle level research staff among academia fail to impress funding agencies for want of skill to write winning proposals. Equally important are the skills in making impressive presentation at the seminars/Symposia/conferences. There are no readymade guidelines or tutorials available that can address these limitations in specific terms as the problem needs to be addressed case by case basis. Hence, a three day workshop is being proposed/organized during 14 to 16 February 2019 at Agri Biotech Foundation, PJTS Agricultural University campus, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad TS. 

Outline of the Workshop 

Each participant will submit a copy of the draft write up of his/her paper manuscript (unpublished)/ research proposal/ research report and a presentation in MS PP file. 

The group will discuss these write-ups along with a mentor. One of the manuscript will be used as base paper while others will be used for exercises during the workshop. 

Write-ups will be examined for correctness of language in terms of usage of verbs, preposition, article, consistency in tense etc. 

Improvement of readability of the paper, avoiding verbosity, consistency in expression etc. 

How to condense the text without losing meaning, avoid duplicity, improve clarity through proper punctuations etc. 

References and bibliography preparation; use of software like endnotes/ spellcheck/ plagiarism 

Preparation of high quality graphs, pictures using free software. 

Examining the research project proposals for clarity of idea, hypothesis, clear concept of objectives versus activities, specific role of collaborating partners etc. 

Power point presentation files will be discussed in light of content, clarity, illustrations, numbers and font sizes, text etc. 

There will be no lectures except one guest faculty talk. 

 Each participant will work independently on own PC/lap top or in teams of two. 

At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive Certificate of Participation 

Who can participate? Ph.D. Scholars/ JRFs/SRFs/RAs; Lecturers/Readers/ Scientists/ Sr. Scientists 

Age Limit: 40 years Limit of participants will be 10-12. 

Course Fee: Rs.5,000/- per participant which does not cover lodging and boarding. Working lunch and tea will be provided. For outstation participants accommodation can be arranged on payment basis upon prior request. 

How to apply? Submit your application giving personal details, contact details, present position and any other particulars that may help selection process. Submit your write-up of manuscript of unpublished research article or research report or project proposal for funding and one MS Power Point Presentation file as soft copies only. Pay course fee either by online transfer to SB A/C 125510011022302 in Andhra Bank, Rajendranagar Branch (IFSC ANDB0001255), Hyderabad 500030 or DD payable to Agri Biotech Foundation, Hyderabad. 

Last date for submission: 31 January 2019. You will be intimated of your selection by 1st February 2019. 

For further details contact: Dr. J.S. Bentur Course coordinator jbentur@yahoo.com; Mobile: 9391379573 Executive Director 1 January 2019  

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