Advances in Rapid detection and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Tests | A Review Article

Among the conventional methods for antimicrobial susceptibility testing most commonly used include disc diffusion and broth microdilution which are used as reference methods. Other conventional methods include E-test, biochemical assays and microscopy. Although conventional methods are inexpensive, they lack rapidity for effective clinical use, selectivity for fastidious and non-fastidious microrganisms, time and requirement of trained diagnostician to perform the test. Early stage diagnosis followed by effective antibiotic treatment has the potential to decrease the emergence of antibiotic resistance and provide a means for judicious use of antibiotics. 

Thus the review summarises the recent advances in the pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods which are developed to decrease the time duration, increase sensitivity and specificity with the potential to be used in point of care settings. These methods may provide possible alternatives to the existing conventional methods in near futureandproves to be an important aspect of measures to control infectious diseases.

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