NSUT Delhi PhD Admissions 2019 in Biological Sciences/Engineering

(Formerly Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology) 
NEW DELHI-110078 

ADMISSION NOTICE (Ph.D. Admission) 2018-19 

Netaji Subhas University of Technology, New Delhi (NSUT) has been established as State University by Government of NCT of Delhi, and is regarded as one of the premier Technical Universities of India. 

NSUT was upgraded from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) in 2018, tracing back 35 years of glorious history of nurturing some of the finest minds in the country. 

The University aims to identify suitable candidates having keen interest in teaching and research who would like to take up a career in Academics and R&D. Exceptionally brilliant candidates having keen interest in an academic career shall be considered for University Teaching-cum-Research Fellowship (TRF). On line applications are invited from eligible candidates for Ph.D. programme in various disciplines (ECE/ICE/Mechanical/COE/IT/BT/Physics/Chemistry/Maths/English and Management) for the academic year 2018-19. The candidates who have already apply online and submitted the fee in April 2018 must apply again, however, no application fee will be charged from such applicants. The Categories of admissions are given as under: 

a. Research scholars with University Teaching-cum-Research Fellowship. 
b. Research scholars with fellowship from other sponsoring agencies (UGC/DST/CSIR/DBT/ICMR etc.). 
c. Research Scholars without any fellowship (self-financing mode). 

Areas of Research and available Vacancies 

The faculty members are engaged in the various areas of research listed below: 

• Bioinformatics and computational biology – Bioinformatics tools and databases, Machine learning, Network systems Biology, Genome analysis, Evolutionary analysis, Molecular modeling, Genomics, Proteomics, Protein-protein interactions as novel drug targets, structure-based drug design and development. The long-term goal includes study of molecular mechanisms of disease, selection of drug targets, drug design and repurposing. 
• Drug Discovery - Discovery and characterization of novel drug candidates for treatment of infectious diseases and metabolic disorders from microbial and other natural sources. Anti-fungal and antibacterial Drug Discovery, regulation of Secondary metabolite production and biosynthetic gene clusters in Actinobacteria. These efforts have led to the discovery of a novel anti-Candida compound from Streptomyces sp. and a novel anti-inflammatory keto-fatty acid from Coccus nucifera. 
• Cellular and Molecular Biology - Recombinant Therapeutics, Cell-based Screening Assays, Cloning, expression and purification of antibodies, Programmed Cell Death, Innate Immunity and Alzheimer’s Disease, Industrially Relevant Proteins/Enzymes 
• Biochemical Engineering - Biochemical and Bioprocess Engineering, Bioremediation of heavy metals and other pollutants, Advanced bioreactor development for wastewater treatment, Bioenergy, simulation and modeling of biological processes, food technology and algae-based technologies for renewable bioproducts. 
• Nanobiotechnology - Developing nano-formulations of compounds with the aim of finding new potential therapeutics. Besides, nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems for novel therapeutics are also being explored to overcome challenges like poor bioavailability, in vivo stability, solubility, intestinal absorption and sustained and targeted delivery to site of action. 
• Cell Culture and Proteomics – Development and characterization of cell lines, Cell based assays for toxicity evaluation of pollutants, and comparative proteomics for discovery of protein biomarkers. 

Application Processing Fee (Non-refundable): Rs.1000/- (Rs. One Thousand only) Online Application Submission 08.02.2019 to 22.02.2019 

For complete details, please visit website https://www.imsnsit.org/imsnsit/elearn_phdregistration.php

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