IITs offer Exit option for BTech Students, to Check Dropouts

“Academically weak students, who are not able to secure the required credits for promotion to the next semester may be allowed an exit option with a degree programme after second semester,rather than being forced out of the programme. Individual IITswill decide modalities for this,” said an official statement issued after the IIT Council meeting.
“Right now, the only option is to expel a student who cannot cope up. This decision provides a way to allow them an IIT degree without getting into a stressful situation. Instead of exdpelling them, they can be moved to a less stressful programme,” said a senior MHRD official, explaining that the IITs could choose to introduce a three-year B.Sc programme specially for those who leave the B’Tech programme after the first year. Currently, the IITs do not offer any B.Sc degree programme.

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