Online “MICROBIOLOGY” Workshop by @ home.

One Month Certification 
Workshop for Online training on “MICROBIOLOGY”
Last Date of Registration: 05th September, 2019
Course Starting Time: 05th September, 2019 (08:00 PM IST)
Online training program is directly concerned with the convenience of the students related to Life–Sciences & Biotechnology. This online program will help you to learn about the
Here are some benefits for you:
1. Stay at home & learn innovative topics.
2. Best & easy step towards grasping knowledge
3. Cost & time effective
Course Content:
Introduction to Microbiology; Aims and Schope; Organisation and function of prcaryotic and eucaryotic cells; Structure and function of cell organelles-surface structure, special orgenelles, cellular reserve material; Distinguishing features of various groups of micro-organisms: actinomycetes, bacteria molds, yeasts and algae and their broad classification; Charectrisation of selected groups of microbes, archaebacteria and microrganisms extreme environment; Microbial nutrition and growth principles; Growh measurement tehniques; Assimilation of nitrogen and sulphur; Isolation, long term preservation and improvement of cultures; Energy transducion in microbial systems; Phosphoketolase Entner Doudoroff and glyoxalate pathways; Anaerobic respiration; Microbial pathogenicity; Bioassays; Recyclin of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur; Role of microbes in agriculture, public health, medicine and industry, detection of pathogens in food samples; Conventional molecular biological techniques.
Level 1: Video lectures and tutorials on email every evening.
Level 2: Submission of articles and presentation. (Weekly)
Course fees: Rs. 2,550/- only.
Registration and Fee Submission:
You can submit fee directly to the bank account, Account detail will be given on demand, send the scan copy of bank receipt along with the detail of yourself (e.g. Name, Affiliation, Email, Whatsapp No. and Mobile No.) to 
Contact no and Whatsapp @: +91-8563054945
Course Duration: 1 Month from the date of Joining: 05th September to 04th October, 2019.
Certification: The candidates will get certificate of course completion on 05th October, 2019 on their email. Course will start after the fees submission only.

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