New Toilet Design Cut Short Loo Breaks & Boosts Productivity

A new toilet has been designed to encourage employees to spend less time in the bathroom while at work. 

The seat of the Standard Toilet, which was conceived by consulting engineer Mahabir Gill, has been designed to slope at a downwards angle of 13 degrees so that the person who is sitting on it has to use their leg muscles to stay sat firmly in place.

Gill explained on the BTA website that the horizontal seating surface of typical toilet seats “enables a user to sit relatively comfortably on the toilet”, which can result in them spending “longer than necessary sitting on the toilet without short-term discomfort”. “It is estimated that in the UK alone, extended employee breaks cost industry and commerce an estimated £4bn per annum,” he stated. “With the advent of flexible zero-hour contracts, it is easy to see why our Standard Toilet can also be an asset to a business.” The description of the toilet on the BTA website outlines that the toilet is easy to sit on and get up from, in addition to purportedly reducing risk of haemorrhoids and musculoskeletal disorders.

The toilet design is, however, being mocked online. One Twitter user joked that it might be possible to alleviate the effects of the toilet by sitting on it backwards. “Next thing will be a chain and a ball at the ankle,” another tweeted.

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