A Company is Developing a Protein from Air using Microbe !

In Finland, scientists are making an entirely new ingredient out of air, water and electricity and they hope it could revolutionize the way our food is produced.

At its pilot plant, the start-up is developing a new natural source of protein it calls Solein. Like other protein supplements, it has no discernible taste and can be added to almost any snack or meal. But Solar Foods says its product will have have a tiny carbon footprint.

Solein is made by growing a microbe in liquid in a fermentation tank. It's similar to the process used in breweries, but instead of feeding it sugars, as you would when brewing beer, Solar Foods' microbe eats only hydrogen bubbles, carbon dioxide, nutrients and vitamins.

More Info: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/20/europe/solar-foods-solein-scn-intl-c2e/index.html

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