Webinar on EMBO Fellowships [Jan 16]: Registrations Open

About the webinar

As research is progressively occurring in the international arena, India is keen to align with international funding agencies that reflect this shift. This has opened the doors for Indian researchers, working in the field of life sciences, to a large number of international funding schemes. 

IndiaBiostream presents a webinar series on International Research, Training and Mobility Grants Awareness Session to discuss these. We begin this series with a look at the EMBO funding schemes open to Indian life science researchers. 

Join us for an informational session on EMBO Fellowships featuring presentation and discussion with experts- Gerlind Wallon (Deputy Director), Bettina Trueb (Senior Project Coordinator) and David del Alamo Rodriguez (Programme Head Fellowships)- from EMBO. The topics discussed will include eligibility, benefits, themes and mentorship opportunities of these schemes.

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