Indo US School on Biological Timekeeping | 8 - 18 August 2020


Indo US School on Biological Timekeeping

8 - 18 August 2020
JNCASR, Jakkur, Bengaluru - 560064
About the school
The rotation of earth on its axis once every 24 hours causes daily rhythmic changes in several environmental factors, most notably light and temperature. Almost all living beings are subject to these changes and have adapted by exhibiting daily rhythms governed by internal biological clocks. The study of these rhythms and their clocks – Chronobiology, is an interdisciplinary field of research. It spans a variety of disciplines - genetics, molecular biology, physiology, neuroscience, ecology, and evolution. 
In August this year, JNCASR, Bangalore will host an Indo-US School on Biological Timekeeping. The aim of this school is to train participants from diverse backgrounds in fundamental aspects of Chronobiology and provide exposure to contemporary areas of research in this field by scientists from India and the USA. This intensive 10-day residential course will consist of lectures and laboratory exercises designed to illustrate principles of biological clocks, and familiarize participants with methods to measure behavioural, physiological and molecular rhythms. Additionally, participants will learn about visualization, analysis, and interpretation of such data. The School will provide participants with an enhanced educational environment at JNCASR along with the opportunity to interact with leading Chronobiology researchers from the USA and India.

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