TDU Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics/Biochemistry PhD Openings

We are looking for dedicated candidates who are interested in registering PhD positions at TDU. 

For more details about the research activities,  see  this link : 

Requirement: immediately 

Project on “Genomics and population genetics of forest trees”


1.JRF/PhD position at TDU (1) under Dr. Mohana Kuamra P and one under Dr. Prabudha IWST, Bangalore 

Duration: 2 years
Fellowship: As per DBT norms, Rs. 31,000/- per month + HRA 


Eligibility:M.Sc/M.Tech in Bioinformatics, Molecular biology or any area of Life Science with good academic standing with desirable experience. Candidates should have qualified with NET and Gate 


Desirable Qualification: Research interests/experience in molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and basic knowledge in plant Biology is essential.


Job requirements: 

·      Field collection of samples from Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats 

·      DNA and RNA isolation of different populations of collected 

·      Genomic and transcritptome sequencing. SSR SNP and EST analysis 

·      insilico analysis of polymorphic markers, Genotyping and metabolic pathways analysis

·      Candidate should work between the labs of IWST and TDU 

·      Establishing the Bioinformatic lab and analysis 

·      Report/book/manuscript writing 


The candidates are expected to have the following experience

  •  Experience in molecular biology techniques and in field biology work. 
  •  Experience in Next generation sequencing analysis of DNA and RNA-seq data
  • Ability to analyse raw primary data generated by Illumina next generation sequencing platform and create troubleshoot custom analysis pipelines.
  • Primer design and restriction mapping, Ability to handle all downstream secondary and tertiary data analysis using commercially available as well as open source software
  • Apart from these, the applicant should have knowledge of the following: scripting language: R, perl and/or Python
  • Operating system: Unix and Windows
  • Exposure to NGS Analysis tools like: BWA, Bowtie, SAM tools, BEDTools, Galaxy, Tophat Cufflinks, FastQC, Trimgalore, Trinity, RSEM,edgeR, DESeq,understanding of Statistics using: Microsoft Excel and R
  • Genome Browser: Ensemble, JBrowser, IGV
  • Ability to use SNPs, repeats analysis and Population StudyAnalysis Tools like: MIcroSAtellite Identification (MISA), VarScan, RepeatModeler, RepeatMasker, Functional Annotation Tools: Trinotate, MAKER-P, Augustus, Blast2GO, TargetP etc.
  • Familiar with population genetic analysis tools:  ARLEQUINPOPGENE, BOTTLENEC, DNASP,FSTATLAMARC,STRUCTUREetc  and Phylogenetic analysis:MEGA, PHYLIP, PAUP* 4.0CLUSTALetc

 2.     Project title: Development of sustainable technology for the production of anticancer chromone alkaloids, rohitukine and dysoline from Indian forest trees" 

Duration: 2 years
 Fellowship: As per DBT norms, Rs. 31,000/- per month + HRA, Extendable to 3rdyear 


Eligibility:M. Sc in life sciences with NET and Gate qualifications

1.JRF/PhD one position at Forestry college, Sirsi , Co-PI: Dr. Jagadesh  (1)

Job requirements/Skills sets required 

·      Field collection of samples from Western Ghats 

·      Field work and Cultivation of plant species in agro-forestry mode. 

·      Molecular and biochemical techniques

·      Botany and molecular phylogeny 

·      Isolation and purification metabolites 

·      GIS and Niche modelling 

·       Data mining

·      Selected candidate should work between the labs of TDU and Forest college, Sirsi 

·      Report/book/manuscript writing 

To apply: Interested candidates may submit their detailed CV before July 31,2020 with the subject line, “JRF/PhD for DBT-rohitukine project” to the Principal Project coordinator/ Investigator, Dr. Mohana Kumara P, Assistant Professor, TDU, Bengaluru,

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