BUAT Faculty Job Openings 2021

Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, 
Banda – 210001, Uttar Pradesh 

Closing Date: 30 January, 2021 (5.00 PM) 

Applications along with prescribed application fee are invited for the following posts at Banda University of Agriculture & Technology, Banda. The details of the same may be seen in the vacancy circular at the University website www.buat.edu.in 

A- College of Agriculture 

1 Associate Professor (Agricultural Economics)
2 Associate Professor (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
3 Assistant Professor (Agricultural Economics)
4 Assistant Professor (Agricultural Extension)
5 Assistant Professor (Entomology)

B- College of Horticulture 

6 Associate Professor (Fruit Science)
7 Associate Professor (Entomology)
8 Assistant Professor (Fruit Science)
9 Assistant Professor (Floriculture and Landscaping)
10 Assistant Professor (Post Harvest Technology) 
11 Assistant Professor (Biochemistry)

C- College of Forestry 

12 Professor (Silviculture/Agroforestry)
13 Associate Professor (Silviculture/Agroforestry)
14 Associate Professor (Forest Biology and Tree Improvement)
15 Associate Professor (Forest Product Utilization)
16 Associate Professor (Forestry)
17 Associate Professor (Agronomy)
18 Assistant Professor (Statistics)
19 Assistant Professor (Forest Product Utilization)

D- College of Home Science 

20 Professor (Home Science Extension Education and Communication Management)
21 Associate Professor (Human Development and Family Studies)
22 Associate Professor (Food Science and Nutrition)
23 Assistant Professor (Human Development and Family Studies)
24 Assistant Professor (Family Resource Management)
25 Assistant Professor (Textile & Apparel Designing) 

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