Bioluminescence Bacteria used to Lighting Streets !

(Image credit: Glowee)

In the picturesque Rambouillet town, south west of Paris, a series of cylindrical tubes illuminate a path with soft turquoise light. It’s pretty, but maybe won’t strike you as a bold experiment in the future of street lighting. But it is. Because the path is alight thanks not to electricity, but to bacteria.

The phenomenon is known as bioluminescence – light produced and emitted by living organisms. 

Credit: Glowee

Founded in 2014, French start-up company Glowee, which is behind the project in Rambouillet, collects a bacteria called Aliivibrio fischeri and stores it in tubes filled with saltwater. Recharging them simply requires occasionally feeding the bacteria a mixture of basic nutrients and oxygen. ‘Instead of replacing the bulbs in street lamps, we created a whole new approach,’ says Sandra Rey, who founded Glowee in 2014. ‘With this new approach, we found the solution we have today.’

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