Three Days Online Workshop on Molecular Phylogenetics: From Theory to Practice | 9th Jan to 11th Jan 2023

International Workshop series

Three Days Online Workshop on Molecular Phylogenetics: From Theory to Practice from 9th Jan to 11th Jan 2023

Quaxon Bio & IT Solutions India is going to organize a 3 days international online workshop   on Molecular Phylogenetics:From Theory to Practice” from 9-11 Jan  2023*.

Platform : Google Meet

Schedule 9th  January 2023 Indian Standard Time.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Students and faculties from Bioscience, botany, zoology, life science, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Research Scholar from any bioscience domain.

**open for both Indian and International participants 

About The Topic

Molecular phylogeny is a relatively new scientific discipline that involves the comparative analysis of the nucleotide sequences of genes and the amino acid sequences and structural features of proteins from which evolutionary histories and relationships, and in some cases also functions, can be inferred. 

Molecular Phylogeny is a branch of taxonomy which predicts the ancestral relationship /evolutionary history of a group of organisms by comparing & analyzing their biological macromolecules .i.e. DNA, RNA and Proteins.

The Molecular Phylogenetics not only became indispensible tools to deduce evolutionary relationship among organisms but also it has wide range of application in various field of science such as: Applied Forensic.

Identifying origin of epidemic diseases and many insight about evolution of protein structure and functions , origin and migration of various life form around the world. Molecular Phylogenetics usually involves rigorous analysis of Biological macro-molecules by various bioinformatics algorithm to deduce meaningful scientific insight , ultimately  help us to develop new  hypothesis.

The Molecular Phylogenetics has became one the central area of Bioinformatics and it is very useful for professionals from all field of life science such as 

Training Outlines

At the end of the workshop you will be able to know

ü  Understand the fundamental concept of phylogenetic analysis.

ü  How to choose the right sequence for phylogenetic analysis.

ü  How to construct the Phylogenetic tree using by various methods and tools.

ü  How to choose the right method to construct phylogenetic tree.

ü  Estimation of time of divergence and Molecular clock calibration

ü  Accessing reliability of phylogenetic tree

ü  How extract meaningful information from a phylogenetic tree. 

Program schedule**

Day-1(9th Jan  7PM to 9.30  PM)                                  

*      Theory session: Concept  and method of Molecular Phylogenetics

*      Hands-on session: Retrieving sequence of phylogenetic markers from sequence database for phylogenetic study and construction of MSA.

Day-2 and Day-3 (7PM to 9.30 PM)


*      Using   PHYLIP, MEGA, PAUP, MrBayes, RAXml, BEAST(any 3 tools)

*      Doubt clearing and validation session.


Key highlights of event

*     E-Certificate for all participants

*     Manual and recording of all session

*     Life time membership.

*     Learn from the expert.


Fee : It is a paid event with as per below.

For Indians

For students: Rs.650/-

Faculty/Research Scholar/others Rs.850/-

(You are requested to pay the above amount manually as per your designation using the below payment link.)

Fee for non-Indians $18 only, accepted via Paypal(link given below)

How to Participate?

Step-1: Make payment of participation fee by visiting the respective category link

Payment link for Indian Participants

For faculty/Research Scholar/Industry person 

For students 

Alternate Payment link


For International participants

visit the below link and pay the fee $18



For any assistance kindly call or WhatsApp us : 8249881440 , 76068 03789

Quaxon Bio & IT Solutions is a start-up (Under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India) established by a team of inter-disciplinary experts from the field of advance Biology and Data Science. We are acting as industry-academic interface by knowledge transformation and produce human resource equipped with next generation technology. We keep training and education at top priority as it has the immense potential to change the way of our thinking and living. In recent past we have conducted many workshop on advance biology and Bioinformatics with international participants from various countries.

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*The schedule of the program may change in case of unexpected problem for other information kindly visit our website

*participants should have windows system for smooth learning as the demonstration will be given on windows system only

For any assistance kindly call or WhatsApp us : 8249881440, 76068 03789

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