International Virtual Workshop on “Molecular Dynamics Simulation: From Concept to Practice” from 16th to 18th Nov 2023

Three day International Virtual Workshop on “Molecular Dynamics Simulation: From Concept to Practice”

from 16th to 18th Nov 2023

International Workshop Series

Quaxon Bio & IT Solutions, India is going to conduct it’s 21st international workshop on Molecular Dynamics Simulation : From Theory to Practice From 16th to 18th Nov 2023.( )


The workshop will introduce the field of Molecular Modelling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation to the participants through lecture, demonstration and hands-on session. The objective of the workshop is to familiarize the participants with introductory concepts of molecular simulation so that they can apply this technology in their study and research. The expected outcome is that the participants should be able to conduct MD simulations using NAMD and able to analyze the output. (We are demonstrating on NAMD as it will run on multi operating system, Windows user also can easily use it)


Faculty, students, research scholars from all biological and related discipline (Biotechnology, pharmaceutical science, microbiology, bioinformatics and other allied areas) .Participants have to use their own computer/laptop preferably with windows operating system

Programme schedule

India, Srilanka: 7 PM Nepal: 7.15 PM:, central European Time: 2.30 PM, Washington
DC: 8:.00 AM, Canada: 9:30 AM Moscow: 4:00 PM, South Africa: 3:00
PM, Dubai: 5:00 PM, : Moroco: 2.30 PM, Bangkok: 8.30
PM: London: 1:30 PM Kuwait: 5.00 PM.

** visit to know the schedule time in your time zone

Platform: Virtual

Requirement: Must have basic computer operation skills in preferably windows.

About the Theme

Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation is a computational technique used in molecular modeling to study the dynamic behavior of atoms and molecules over time. It provides valuable insights into the behavior and properties of complex systems at the atomic level. 

Molecular simulations usually deployed to calculate or predict properties and quantities that may be difficult to observe experimentally. This approach is widely used in various scientific fields, such as chemistry, bioscience, materials science, and physics, to investigate molecular structures, conformational changes, thermodynamics, and kinetics of chemical reactions, among other phenomena.

This method has a central importance in bioscience and pharmaceutical science and it became an indispensable tools in bioscience research. Some applications are 

 Design and discovery of new drug molecules.
 Understanding the dynamics of protein folding process.
 Characterizing biomolecular interactions:
 Understanding molecular cause of disease and drug resistance.

*The schedule of the programme may change in case of any unseen problem.

Session recording will be provided to all registered participants

Key highlights of event

 Complete practical based training and hands-on-session
 Designed for beginner to advance level learners
 Certificate for all participants
 Session recording and video tutorial*

How to Participate?

Step-1: Pay the fee using the below link as per your category
Step-2: Fill-up the registration form after payment.


For Indian participants
For faculty and other working professionals Rs.1200/-
Research Scholar Rs.1100/-
For students Rs.900/- (Must have student ID card)

For international participants
For international participants(other than India) a fee of $35/- only (if you don’t have paypal account then email us for alternative payment method)

** Discount upto 30% available for UNO listed low income countries (email us before payment)

For any enquiry write to or


For more information about terms and condition, kindly visit our website

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