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10 September 2015

DBT Online Essay & Debate Competition in Biotech Topic

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30th Anniversary Celebration of DBT

Rules for On-line Essay and Debate Competition for Research Institutes of DBT on a topic/motion relevant to biotechnology

(For Ph.D. students & JRFs/SRFs working in projects)

On-line ESSAY COMPETETION [18th September, 2015 : 4-5pm]

1. A student who wishes to participate in the essay competition shall register by submitting name, email address, and institution to the email address: essay30@nibmg.ac.in, within September 15th, 2 PM

2. By4 PM, all students of an institution who have registered shall assemble with their laptops in a room* with internet Wi-Fi connectivity.

3. The co-ordinator will send the topic of the essay (to be decided upon soon by discussion with heads of institutions) to all registered via email at 4 PM.

4. Each participant will write her/his essay using MS-Word and submit (from the registered email address of the participant) as an email attachment to the co-ordinator's email by 5 PM. 5. The essays will be reviewed by a panel of judges and winners declared.

* At NII essay competition will be held in Seminar Room I

On-line DEBATE COMPETETION (through Video conferencing system) [12th October, 2015 : 3-5 pm]

The head of each institution will send by October 5th, names of two students# with indication of who will speak for the motion and who will speak against the motion. (The motion of the debate will be decided upon jointly by discussion.)

The co-ordinator (name to be announced) will decide on the order of debaters.

Five minutes of debating by the announced Debater (3 minutes of debate + 2 minutes of answering questions from the audience. [Time required: 7 institutions x 2 debaters per institution x 5 minutes = 70 minutes; probably will require 90 minutes.]

A panel of judges will announce the results, possibly soon after the debate.

# At NII debate competition will be held in New Guest House. NII students/JRFs/SRFs interested to participate in debate competition should send their name, mobile number and lab name to debate30@nii.ac.in by 21st September 2015. Two students will be selected from among the applicants for participating in the inter-institute on-line debate on 12th October 2015.

Contact deb@nii.res.in for clarifications if required


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