2nd International Symposium on New Processes & Applications for Plant & Microbial Products | 1-2 March, 2016 ~ helpBIOTECH

26 February 2016

2nd International Symposium on New Processes & Applications for Plant & Microbial Products | 1-2 March, 2016

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2nd International Symposium on New Processes & Applications for Plant & Microbial Products

1-2 March, 2016

Organized By

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
Darbari Seth Block, India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003

About ISNPMP 2016

In his quest for finding solutions to all his needs and problems related to health, medicine, nutrition, and environment, man has always looked up to nature and its products. In this quest of mankind, plant biology has always been of immense importance and has enjoyed an intimate relationship with medicine and other biological sciences for centuries. Increasing scientific specialization and dramatic advancements made in the field of medical and chemical sciences during this century have made people think that plant biology and plant bio­technology are important only in relation to agricultural sciences. However, this is not true. Today, plant biotechnology is being used in new and creative ways to produce therapeutic products for medicine and plastics as well as for new disease-and stress-resistant crops for agriculture, especially in the field of pest management and neutraceuticals and in plenty other arenas too. Another Natural Sciences field which is emerging rapidly is bio prospecting of the microbes for medical, agricultural, pesticidal, nutraceutical, and many other uses.

Keeping in view the above scenario, 2nd International Symposium on ‘New Processes And Applications for Plant and Microbial Products’ (ISNPMP-2016) is being organised by TERI, India and CSIC, Spain to bring together scientists and students from academia, research institutions, industry and government to deliberate on the basic and applied aspects of research on natural products from plants and microbes. This symposium is second in series being organized after 4 years. Last Symposium was organized in 2012 as ISNPMP 2012 at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. The proceedings of ISNPMP 2012 were published as special issue in Springer Journal “Phytochemistry Reviews” having Impact Factor of 3.5. The emphasis of this conference will be on presentations and discussions of fundamental and applied research and various aspects of plants and microbial products including plant based drugs, biopesticides. The conference will also focus on biotechnological approaches for metabolite production; new approaches and processes for natural products role and importance of comprehensive extraction with different solvents; analysis of different types of macromolecules and secondary metabolites of plant and microbial origin; discovery, development, safety and quality control; raw material supply; and proper use of natural products.

This symposium will also provide a good platform for interaction between academia and industries of international level. It will play a key role in integrating basic research with applied avenues of plant- and microbe-based products.


Products from plants and microbes

Biotechnological approaches for metabolite production

New approaches and processes for natural products

Raw material supply and quality control

Regulatory and policy issues

More Info : http://www.teriin.org/events/isnpmp/


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