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08 February 2016

Conference on Insect Biodiversity Studies | 29-31 March 2016

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Conference on Insect Biodiversity Studies

Insect Biodiversity Studies: Where does India stand in the Global Map?
Joint Conference of            
Department of Animal Science @ Central University of Kerala
Entomological Society of India, south India regional chapter
Prof. T.C. Narendran Trust for Animal Taxonomy


Prof. T.C. Narendran Memorial Lecture

Dates: 29-31 March, 2016


Post conference workshops in Biostatistics and Ecoinformatics

Dates: 1-2 April, 2016

In collaboration with

Zoological Survey of India
Association for Advancement of Entomology

Riverside Transit Campus
Central University of Kerala
Padannkad PO 671 314, Kasaragod District, Kerala

About the Conference

Insect biodiversity indicates the wealth of the overall biological diversity of a given area and region as they are the fundamental units of a food chain. Most of the insects are important functional groups of a given ecosystem. This includes the decomposers and nutrient cyclers, pollinators, pest control agents, seed dispersal agents. At the other side of the fence, they are important pests of our crops, forest trees, woods, stored grains etc. India has a pride of place in the global map having four biodiversity hotspots. Our arid and semi-arid regions also support a high diversity of unique insect species. However, our information on the faunal diversity in the forests and other ecosystems of these regions is limited to only large vertebrates. Extensive surveys for biodiversity prospecting are being carried out in different parts of India by many stakeholders that include the scientists of the Zoological Survey of India, teachers and scientists of various colleges, University departments, NGOs, government and private funded research institutes. It is envisaged to provide a common platform for all the active insect biodiversity specialists and researchers to present their researchfindings and to self-appraise our position in the global map in insect biodiversity studies. It is now important to understand which region of India has been extensively surveyed, which region is poorly investigated, which group of insect needs attention? As an outcome of the conference, it is anticipated to give a roadmap for our future insect biodiversity studies. 
Keynote and plenary talks and contributed papers (oral and poster) in the following four thematic sessions are planned:

Insect taxonomy and phylogeny studies
Insect Biodiversity and Conservation Biology studies
Insect Ecology studies including insect-plant, insect-microbe and tri-trophic interactions
Prospects of unconventional methods of insect pest control

Who can participate?

All formal and informal entomologists (amateurs) are welcome to participate. Particularly we welcome the contributions from insect taxonomists,insect biodiversity specialists, pollination biologists, insect conservation biologists, unconventional pest control specialists, insect ecologists.

Proceedings of the Conference

It is planned to publish the articles presented in the conferences as special issues in the Journals, Current Science, Indian Journal of Entomology, Entomon, Biosystematica, and Records of Zoological Survey of India. The selection of the articles to a particular journal will be based on the merit and originality of article as adjudged through a peer-review process of your abstract, presentation and the invited full-length articles.

Registration fees:
Rs. 5000 (Industry participants)
Rs. 2000 (Faculty members, Scientists, well-funded post-doctoral fellows, young scientists equivalent to DST Young Scientist)
Rs. 900 (PhD scholars and other floating Post-Doctoral Fellows, amateur entomologists)
Rs. 400 (M.Sc. Students)

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