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17 February 2016

MKU National Conference on Recent Trends in Modern Biology | February 27-28, 2016

National Conference on Recent Trends in Modern Biology &

47th Aqua-Terr Annual Conference

February 27-28, 2016

Organized By

School of Biological Sciences
Madurai Kamaraj University

Biology always has its multidisciplinary vestige and verge making its complex nature. Over the course of 19" century physiology was greatly expanded. Cell theory and Germ theory of diseases were exploring a new dimension in traditional  methodologies of studying biological systems. The DNA era was started to get its eminence at 20" century whereas conventional approaches were out rated by modern biology tools. Genomics and proteomics were again giving a holistic insight in understanding biological systems. Starting from ecology, evolution to drug discovery and delivery, modem biological tools are developed day by day for enhancing their applicability. The National Conference on Recent Trends in Modem Biology focus of recent updates on modern biology tools in various platforms. The conference aims to converge a pool of experts of various fields at a single platform.

Focal Themes

Biodiversity & Conservation
Behavioural ecology
Biochemistry & Physiology
Cancer biology
Chemical ecology
Climate change and ecosystem dynamics
Diagnostics & Therapeutics
Entomology & Vector ecology
Evolutionary biology
Functional genomics & proteomics
Invasion Ecology
Infectious diseases & Immunology
Marine biology
Molecular Biology
Morphological and molecular taxonomy
Plant-animal interaction





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