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08 November 2016

Workshop on Scientific Writing | 17-22 January 2017

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Workshop on Scientific Writing

17-22 January 2017

Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore, India is home to a wide variety of tree species. To take advantage of the immense potential of that the ecological diversity and diversity of tree species in India, field research started in 1840s, the first laboratory research started in 1878 and a Forest Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1906, which moved to Dehra Dun in 1914.

Over the years, the FRI and its regional stations were transferred to the Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) under the Ministry of Environment & Forests. State Forest Departments of Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu have separate research institutes under them. Kerala established KFRI as an autonomous institute under the Science, Technology & Environment Department. In addition, a large number of non-forestry research institutions, forestry faculties of universities and research wings of the State Forest Departments also carry out forestry related research. The Universities initiated organized forestry research in 1987. In the private sector also, forestry research has been taken up. At least 43 private sector organizations are also engaged in forestry research.

With the growth in the number of institutions, the number of research papers related to trees, have also grown. And in recent times, the growth shows an exponential trend. However, the quality of research papers from India leaves much to be desired. The workshop on Scientific Writing being organised during 17-22 January 2017 by the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore, aims to overcome this limitation.

The workshop will address the quality of research publications and deal with the strategies and techniques for improving scientific writing. The process of writing, rewriting and structuring scientific papers, the issues related to scientific charts, graphs, diagrams, and other visual elements in scientific papers. The workshop will also examine the status of research in the area, the policies, plans, projects, fellowships, awards and funding opportunities that create an enabling environment for research, as well as the platforms and journals for the output of the research communications.

The application to the workshop is open to all researchers in India who are working on trees, forests and related topics. Only people with a minimum of three publications in peer reviewed journals may apply.

The workshop will also serve as a platform for networking and provide space for discussions about research being done presently and new and emerging areas that hold promise of productive work in forestry.

The seats are limited. Only 14 participants will be selected for the workshop.

Participants selected from other institutions will have to pay a registration fee of Rs 10,000/- for the 6 day workshop drawn in favour of the Director, Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore.


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