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28 March 2017

IITD PhD/MS Admissions 2017 in Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology

 helpBIOTECH Academy, Hyderabad MSc Biotech/Life Sciences Class Room Coaching 2019

NEW DELHI 110016

PhD, MTech, MS (R) and MDes Programmes

(Semester I, 2017-2018) 

M.S. (Research) 

Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology



Department of Biochemical Engg. & Biotechnology [Code BEZ] 

Microbial and Enzyme Engineering: Analysis and design of microbial and enzyme reactors for production of industrially important products such as biofuels, industrial enzymes, biopolymers, organic solvents, biofertilizers and biopesticides etc.; development of bio-sensors for detection of various analytes; Whole cell catalyzed biotransformations. Bioseparation and Downstream Processing: Membrane based separation processes, chromatographic separation processes, Membrane processes for water recycle. Metabolic engineering: Application of metabolic engineering principles for the development of cell factories for the production of important metabolites including renewable chemicals and therapeutic compounds. Animal and plant cell culture: Development of cell culture techniques for cultivation of plant and animal cells in specialized reactors for production of therapeutic compounds. 23 Environmental Biotechnology: The development of reactors and processes for stabilization of organic and industrial wastes; Laccase engineering for treatment of textile effluents; Effect of environmental factors on microbial community dynamics. Biochemistry and molecular biology: Industrial enzymes, development of recombinant clones for over- production of enzymes and metabolites, development of expression systems in bacteria and yeasts, Human therapeutics production in yeast, bioenergetics and biological molecular machines, Nanoparticle-based drug delivery and protein-based nanodevices, cancer biology, microRNA biology. Bioinformatics and Genomics: Genome editing with programmable nucleases; analysis and interpretation of next-generation sequencing data; traditional home-medicine and cancer big data analysis. Biophotonics: Development of fluorescence and optical imaging methods for detection of single molecules to the whole cell. Application of these methods for biosensing of pathogenic microbes and cancer cells.

Submission of online application commences on March 09, 2017 (12.00 noon) 
Last date for submission of online application and application fee March 31, 2017 (04.00 pm) 
Range of dates for Test / Interview May 15, 2017 - June 16, 2017 
Date of Orientation and Registration for new students July 21-22, 2017 
Commencement of classes July 24, 2017

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