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04 July 2017

ABF Hyderabad Training Course on Introduction to Molecular Entomology | 7-12 August 2017

Agri Biotech Foundation 
PJTS Agricultural University Campus 
Hyderabad 500030 

TS Agri Biotech Foundation is organizing a six day hands-on training course on 

Introduction to Molecular Entomology 


7 to 12th August 2017 

Course intends to address the needs of post-graduates, doctoral students and faculty in colleges and Universities who would like to employ molecular biology and tools of biotechnology to address their research and teaching assignments specially in the area of entomology. This course is aimed at those who have had minimal exposure to basic biotechnology and molecular techniques but have several challenging tasks in hand that could be conveniently addressed using these tools. 

Primary focus of the course would be on hands-on exposure to techniques such as DNA extraction from insects, development and use of different molecular markers in taxonomy, diagnostics, population diversity, virulence monitoring studies and other related areas. Participants will also be exposed to use of biotechnological tools in areas of plant-insect interaction, development of insect-resistant transgenic crops, transgenic insects for pest management and development of disease free insects. This course hopes to blend theory with practical knowledge of useful molecular techniquesthat would prove useful to address several contemporary problems in agriculture related to insect pests. 

The course is being organized in technical collaboration with 

Dr. Suresh Nair and Dr. Deepak Kumar Sinha 
Plant Insect Interaction Group International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB)] 
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi 110067 

Details of the course (Tentative) 


T1 Introduction to the course - JSB 
P1 DNA extraction from insect material – 1 VBP 
P2 DNA extraction from insect material – 2 VBP 

Day 2 

T2 Molecular markers and their utility - DD 
P3 Introduction to PCR -1 NS 
P4 Introduction to PCR – 2 MS 

Day 3 
T3 – Insect-plant interactions – JSB 
P5 – Plant resistance genes – detection :NS 
P6 - Insect virulence genes – detection : JVN 

Day 4 

T4 – Plant-insect-virus interactions –SRR
P7 – Virus detection in plants : VBP 
P8 - Virus detection in insects :VBP 

Day 5 

T5 - Mitogenome and metagenome of Insects – DKS 
P9 - Mitogenome based markers : DKS 
P10 - Microbiome – detection and significance : DKS 

Day 6 

T6 – Plant transformation for insect resistance - GM 
P11 - Insect resistance gene detection :MGK MS 
P12 - Bioinformatics How to use publically accessible sequence databases to mine, visualize, analyze, integrate, and manage biological and genetic information to understand the genome of other organisms specially economically important insects: JVN 

Valedictory function and certificate distribution Additional talks by guest faculty may be added 
T – Talk; P - Practical 4 

Course fee For each participant course fee will be Rs.5000/-.

Number of Seats and Eligibility In all 16 seats will be available, to be filled on first come first serve basis. However, preference will be given for M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree holders in Entomology or Agricultural Entomology or any branch of life science with specific project related to insects. Submit your application (proforma given here under) along with a brief writeup (250 words) on your current research interests and objectives. 

Participants are encouraged to bring insects (different populations if possible) of their interest preserved in 100% alcohol for working on their material and develop project proposals, if desired. 


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